7 Things To Keep In Mind While Dressing Up For An Interview

Pay attention to these little details for a lasting first impression.
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So, you spent the last couple of days (or months) working on your resume and sending it out. Now that you’ve scored a bunch of interviews, it’s time to face the next big challenge - to decide the ‘ideal’ outfit to wear to these interviews! Unless you’re going to a company that’s known for their quirky take on fashion, chances are you’ll instinctively turn towards formal wear. And rightly so. But how do you (positively) stand out from a sea of people who’re seeking the same job as you? Of course, your resume and you will do all the talking, but the way you show up for the interview will play a crucial role in making that great first impression. Now that you’ve updated your resume, it’s time to update your look…    

1. Suit Up  

Most men will opt for a suit to enter the job market and why not? You can never go wrong with a suit. Seriously, never. Since the suit will be the building block of everything else you wear, keep it classy and go for a colour that’ll work all year round. Failsafe colours like navy, grey and black will always have your back. If you’re yet to invest in a suit, keep the climate in mind and choose a fabric that’ll keep you comfortable. Most importantly, make sure the suit is your size and fits you well. We can’t emphasize enough on the importance of the right fit. The way a suit fits can easily make or break your look.  




2. The Button Down

Chances are you already have one well-fitted shirt in your closet. In case you don’t, invest in one that has a tailored fit and can be easily styled with most of your pants. If you tend to perspire a little more when you’re nervous or have a long commute before the interview, it’ll be a good idea to buy one in a breathable fabric. You can also take the help of armpit liners, they really help. 

3. The Tie 

You might think of ties as accessories, but don’t let the size of this piece fool you - a tie will take your outfit into the ‘business formal’ territory. Of course, it’s essential to match your tie to the rest of your attire but it’s also good to know what colours work for you. Every colour projects a trait and once you know what colour best suits your personality, you’ll know which one to go for. 




4. Put Your Best Foot Forward 

Are you a proud sneakerhead? Well, today’s definitely not the day to show off your collection of sneakers. Go for tan coloured oxfords that’ll instantly add life to your suit. Look out for scratches and stains (if any) on your shoes and make sure you get rid of them before you walk into the room!  

5. Interview-Appropriate Sunnies

If you’re meeting your interviewer in an outdoor setting like a coffee shop, sunglasses play a crucial role. If you’ve got a huge collection of sunglasses and are unsure which one’s are appropriate for an interview, we got you! Since you’re trying to put together a neat, classic look, go for a pair of aviators. It’s the little things that complete your ensemble. And that’s especially true for sunglasses.  




6. The Bag That Fits It All 

A lot of people completely skip the bag and fit their documents in a folio. While there’s nothing wrong in doing that, carrying a bag that fits all your essentials (think car keys, wallet, documents) is way more hassle-free. Carry a smart satchel bag, one that’s preferably understated in its appeal because you don’t want your bag to draw all the attention. A brown or black leather satchel is a classic that’ll complement everything you wear.    

7. The Watch 

You’re punctual and very meticulous about meeting deadlines, but does your employer know that? We get it, everyone’s checking the time on their smartphones these days but wrist watches are a staple that’ll never go out of style. So, get your hands on a smart, new watch or raid your father’s collection for one.  




Once you’ve dressed up for the big day, don’t forget to wear some cologne for brownie points! 

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