7 Types Of Bags Every Man Should Have

If you thought only women needed a selection of bags, you’ve got a lot more to think about!
Bag Styles

If you’ve been lugging around the same bag to work, gym, when you’re out with friends and even when you go on vacation, your wardrobe needs some prompt attention. “But it does the job for me!” just doesn’t cut it — you need different types of bags depending on where you’re going, what you’re carrying and who you’re meeting.

Just like you wouldn’t carry a suitcase to the gym or a heavy duty backpack to an important meeting, there’s a specific style of bag for every occasion. This helpful guide will help you get the best out of your bags.

1. Backpack

The versatility of the backpack is almost endless. It can carry your clothes for a short trip, essential supplies for a camping holiday, important files for work and books to be used in class. There are smart designs that can be worn with aplomb in the office and funky designs for more casual settings, all of them easy to carry and convenient to use—a true male wardrobe essential.

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2. Briefcase

We’re well past the days when briefcases used to be big, boxy hindrances with sharp corners—modern briefcases are stylish, practical and supremely durable. They’re usually fitted with a number of pockets and compartments that’ll hold all the things you need during your typical workday, making them a must-have for working professionals who want to make a statement.

3. Duffle Bag

Planning a weekend getaway or a trip to the gym right after work? The trusty duffle bag is the perfect choice for you. Traditionally designed to be lightweight and tear-proof, they also provide maximum storage space thanks to the one large compartment inside rather than several little pockets. What’s more, they can even be stored away in the tightest of spaces so they won’t even take up much room when they’re not in use.

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4. Bumbag

Previously considered a fashion faux pas, the bumbag (also called the fanny pack) has made a roaring comeback into the world of men’s fashion of late. Its USP is convenience—the ability to carry your phone, cash and other personal effects in one place saves you the hassle of having to keep track of what’s in your overflowing pockets. Traditionally worn around the waist (usually by tourists), the new trendy way to sport them is slung across your body over one shoulder.

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5. Messenger Bag

Originally intended for messenger boys to transport mail, messenger bags have now become a stylish modern male fashion accessory. Their rectangular shape makes them ideal to store files, books and even your laptop. That doesn’t mean they’re lacking in style though—today’s messenger bags can be tailored to your personal style as they’re available in canvas and leather variants with options for zipper and buckle fittings as well.

6. Satchel

Marginally smaller than the messenger bag but mimicking a lot of its characteristics is the satchel. Designed for schoolboys, these bags are perfect to carry books and other office supplies. They’re traditionally made of a heavy duty canvas that makes them long-lasting and also convenient as their cross-body strap is ideal for hands-free travel.

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7. Portfolio

With its no-nonsense design that has no handles or straps, the portfolio is the ideal bag for formal settings like job interviews or serious work meetings. It usually comprises a simple rectangular pocket perfect for storing your resume and other certificates with a simple flap design to provide ease of access.

Gone are the days when bags were considered only a female accessory. Bags are a masculine, attractive and useful addition to the modern man’s wardrobe, so head out and pick up the right ones for you.

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