8 Exercises You Can Do In The Pool

Who says you need to sweat it out at the gym to lose weight?
pool workout

In this sweltering heat there are days when the weather gets so daunting that can you can hardly take a walk. These are the days when you must hit the pool and finish your workout there. “You can add great diversity to your workout routine with aqua training. Since resistance under water is greater than usual and the impact on your knees and other joints is less, working out in the pool can be used for everything from muscle building to rehabilitation exercises,” says New-Delhi based CrossFit trainer Kamal Chhikara. We curated a small pool workout routine for you with Chhikara’s help. Here are seven exercises you can do in the pool.

“Rest for 10 seconds after each 10-seconds exercise set. If an individual needs time then they can do 30-seconds sets with 20-seconds interval until the next set. The number of sets can be adjusted as per the individual’s strength and routine,”suggests Chhikara.

1. Front-Walking

“Walking underwater is an excellent warm up exercise. Walking is a great exercise for old people or people recovering from an injury,”suggests Chhikara. Make sure the water is at waist-height.

  • Lift your leg and bend it at the knee

  • Step forward and rest you step on the ground underwater.

  • Repeat the process with the other leg

2. Lateral Walking

  • Lift your right leg underwater and stretch it sideways

  • Put your right leg down and move the left leg towards the right

3. Squats

Squats under water are more difficult than otherwise as you need to engage your muscles more than usual due to greater resistance. Squats underwater will strengthen your glutes and thigh muscles.

  • Keep your feet shoulder-width apart, pointed slightly outwards

  • Push the butt back and down. Keep the back straight and knees behind the toes.

  • Sit back, completely extending the hip and knee.

4. Frog Jump

Frog Jump is another simple warm up exercise. It works on your abdomen and inner-outer thighs.

  • Begin with a comfortable posture keeping your legs shoulder-width apart.

  • Jump and try to touch your toes with your hands

  • Try to get both your legs into a butterfly position while you land.

5. Lunge

Underwater lunges will strengthen your glutes, hamstring and front thighs.

  • Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart.

  • Lift your leg and bend it at knee, and stretch it in the forward direction.

  • Rest your stretched leg on ground

  • Keep your head upright and back straight

  • Repeat the process with the other leg

6. Flutter Kicks

“Flutter Kicks are a common swimming exercise but even non swimmers can try it at the shallow course of the pool. It will help to strengthen your core, front thighs and hamstring muscles,” explains Chhikara.

  • Stand within an arm’s-length distance from the side of the pool with your back facing the side.

  • Stretch your arms back and grip the bar or the side railing.

  • Lie down horizontally on the water and try to float.

  • Kick the water forward with both legs.

7. Shoulder Press

“Shoulder Press becomes very interesting underwater. It is excellent for strengthening your shoulder muscles. For this, you will need a pair of dumbells,” says Chhikara.

  • Make sure the water is at chest height.

  • Hold both the dumbells in front of your chest with straightened arms.

  • Lift the arms overhead in the line of your shoulders.

8. Bicep Curl

  • Hold the dumbell in your hand inside the water, making sure your arms are straight.

  • Bend your hand at the elbow.

  • Lift up the dumbell by flexing your biceps slowly.

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