8 Yoga Influencers To Follow On #InternationalYogaDay

Looking to take up yoga? These yogis will give you all the motivation you need
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Yoga is one of those beautiful forms of exercise that you can practice anywhere - from the corner of your bedroom to the shore of a beach. You don’t even need any equipment - just your body and your time. We could go on and on about why we love Yoga as there are more benefits than we can count! In case, you have already decided to give it a shot, we have curated a list of yogis who will give you all the inspiration and motivation you need to give it your all. 

1. Nidhi Mohan Kamal 

Nidhi is all about clean living and if that’s your aim too, then she’s the one you need to follow. Her holistic approach towards fitness and nutrition can really make you want to change your lifestyle, bit by bit, to be more like hers. 


Nidhi Mohan Kamal
Nidhi Mohan Kamal


2. Natasha Noel 

Some people believe Yoga to be a way of becoming more flexible. Well, Natasha proves that that’s only the beginning of it. You can become stronger, happier and healthier with Yoga. If you’ve got big goals for yourself, Natasha’s feed can help you achieve them. 


Natasha Noel


3. Abhijeet Singh

Abhijeet’s posts are surely going to motivate you to follow your goals. He’s a mountain climber and we just can’t get enough of how he uses Yoga to train his body for those amazing feats. Feed your soul by following him. 



4. YogaWithSadhana

Sadhana’s perfectly held poses in exotic hill stations are sure to inspire you. A good scroll through her Instagram feed and you’ll know that Sadhana eats, speaks, breathes Yoga! Since her pictures take the viewer through her Yoga journey, it justifies her Instagram name, YogaWithSadhana.  




5. Ajay Tokas 

Looking for something more instructive? You won’t find someone better to follow than Ajay. He regularly puts up his videos of doing Yoga that constantly motivate us to get out of bed and roll out the mat. He’s an expert in the truest sense of the word - you’ll always know there is more to achieve if you follow him. 



6. Sarvesh Shashi

For those of you who don’t know, Sarvesh is the founder of Zorba: A Renaissance Studio. The young man takes happiness very, very seriously and believes that Yoga plays a crucial role in feeling satisfied. His feed is full of picturesque shots of him holding a pose at beaches, his studio and underwater too! 


Sarvesh Shashi


7. Radhika Bose 

Yoga and exotic locations. Could there be a better combination? We didn’t think so. Radhika won’t just inspire you to do your Surya Namaskars, she’ll also feed that wanderlust of yours - that too at the same time. 


Radhika Bose


8. Deepika Mehta 

Deepika loves Yoga as much as she loves her psychedelic Yoga pants. You’ll know what we’re talking about once you go through her perfectly curated feed. Her dedication towards Yoga proves that she sees this form of exercise as a way of life. 


Deepika Mehta


These Indian yogis prove that Yoga isn’t just a form of exercise, it’s a way of life.

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