9 Dating Terms That You Should Know In 2018

From cricketing to subbing, we’ve listed the weirdest of dating terms for you here!

We’re almost certain that you’re familiar with the regular dating lingo including terms like ‘hitched’, ‘dumped’ and ‘friend zoned’, but there are other interesting terms that probably need your attention this year. Yes guys, the dating vocabulary has got an upgrade, and we have an inventory of the latest and most interesting terms for you here:

1. Flexting

Trying hard to impress someone who you’ve met online? Well, you might be doing what is called flexting, a term used when a person tries to impress his/her date even before meeting them in person.

2. Cricketing

We’ve all been ignored by a potential partner at least once in our lives. Okay, admit it, no one’s judging you here. Cricketing is the new term that aptly describes this situation – when someone leaves your text seen for a very long time (maybe for a few minutes, hours or even days) and you keep wondering WTH happened.

3. Eskimo Brothers

Okay, this is a little off track. Some guys actually don’t mind dating the same girl; and if you and your buddy fall into this category, you can safely call yourselves Eskimo Brothers – two men who have hooked up with the same girl but are still on good terms. Really?

4. Recycling

When we say recycling, we don’t mean recycling paper! Have you ever missed your ex or wanted to badly get back with her? Well, that’s what recycling means in the world of dating in 2018 – the desire and willingness to go back to your ex.

5. Dateview

A date that seems more like an interview – it might sound weird, but that’s exactly what dateview means. If you’re going for your first date and being countered with too many questions (like a job interview), then you’re officially on a dateview. And yes, we feel sorry for you.

6. Catch And Release

Okay, here’s how this goes –you put in a lot of effort to date someone, and by the time they finally agree, you’ve lost interest and already started looking around for other people. That’s a catch and release situation for you!

7. Subbing

Did you just change your Facebook status from ‘single’ to ‘in a relationship’? This indirect approach to showing love for someone via social media, without mentioning their name, has got a new name – it is now called subbing. So hello subber!

8. Peacocking

The way peacocks spread their feathers is so eye catching, almost everyone wants to stop and look at them! And when someone dresses in a way to get that kind of attention from you, you can safely say they are peacocking.

9. Nonversation

Got a match on tinder or some other dating app but struggling to keep the conversation going? You’re not alone; in fact this is so common that people decided to come up with a term for it! And thus came about nonversation – it means you started talking to a person you met online, but the conversation isn’t going anywhere nor leading to anything. No dates, nothing, nada.

Update your dating dictionary with these new and interesting terms  for now and we promise to keep you posted on more such fun dating terminology! 

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