All That You Need To Know About The Military Diet

This might be a quick way to lose weight, but is it really healthy?

As the same suggests, the Military Diet is a very strict and strenuous diet which promises instant results - but it doesn’t have any actual relations to the military or armed forces. The three-day, low-calorie diet allows you to eat only about 1000-1100 calories and claims that you will lose up to 10 pounds (4.5 kg approximately) at the end of it. The foods in this diet burn fat, kickstart your metabolism which leads you to lose weight faster.

However, before you start googling about what you can eat in the Military Diet and how to go ahead with it, you need to know a few things. Delhi-based nutritionist and weight management consultant, Kavita Devgan talks to us about this diet and how we should go about following it.

“They have fixed quantities. For example, they will allow say, half a banana for breakfast or maybe a fruit and toast. They don’t include any protein in the breakfast on any of the days. They focus on carbs for breakfast and lunch and restrict this in dinner,” says Devgan, adding, “There is a focus on fruits in the diet, but not vegetables. This might make you deficient in nutrients which can affect your body in a number of ways.” You can get the entire diet plan for the Military Diet from their website.



Things To Keep In Mind

1. Do Not Do It Unnecessarily

The thought of losing so much weight so quickly can be very tempting for all of us. However, Devgan warns us that this diet must only be followed if it is a dire necessity. “This is something that I say for all these fad diets, don’t do it until you have to! I think it’s important to understand that this diet is highly strict and rigid and can affect your body, which is why you should not just do it for the sake of it! Losing 10 pounds is a lot. It’s really not a great idea to lose so much so quickly,” she says.

2. Don’t Make A Habit Of It

 The Military Diet website claims that this 3-day diet must be followed by a 1500-calorie-a-day diet for the rest of the four days of the week. However, Devgan says that following this diet every week is not a great idea. “If you are keen on following the Military diet, do it once in a while. Don’t make a habit of it. Although the diet promises extreme weight loss, this is not balanced. Most of it is water and comes back easily,” she says, adding, “Instead of this, it’s better to lose weight by changing your habits so that you don’t put it back on.”

3. Have A Variety Of Foods 

Devgan urges to customise the diet if you wish to follow it. “People who have decided to go on this diet must ensure that they are having a variety of foods that have various nutrients. Eating the same thing will compromise the intake of some nutrients,” she says.

So, if you plan to follow this diet make sure you do it in a healthy way!

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