The Best Men’s Grooming Tips To Reverse Aging

Bid adieu to wrinkles and dull skin with these men’s grooming tips!
Man Grooming tips

Men of today’s era are suave and sophisticated; they understand the importance of looking good. Men’s grooming tips today are all about self-care, which in turn, affects the ageing process. They should realise that the approach towards ageing must be ‘proactive’ and not ‘reactive’; the earlier, the better. 

What Are Men Most Concerned About?

When it comes to their skincare routines and aging, men worry more about:
•    Fine Lines: Wrinkles all around the face, especially the eye and mouth area
•    Dull Skin: Tired-looking skin
•    Brown Spots: Patches of discoloration on the face and neck


In simple terms, collagen and elastin are the elements that keep skin looking soft and healthy. As people grow old, these elements get damaged and this is where signs of ageing start setting in.

Nothing can beat a healthy lifestyle for a prolonged youthfulness. Healthy food for men along with adequate hydration is the backbone. Habits like smoking, less physical activity would eventually accelerate aging. Some simple changes in men’s skincare routines can make a huge difference. For example, using a moisturiser after shaving, using a mild cleanser for cleaning your face, using a scrub at least once in a week to clean up dead cells which get accumulated due to environmental factor make a huge difference.

Corrective Measures

Here are some men’s grooming tips that can go a long way. While men in 20’s and 30’s can have skin polishing sessions with skin brightening boosters to keep their skin rejuvenated, men in 40’s and above start seeing signs of skin laxity because of collagen breakdown. This makes it important for them to protect their skin from showing accelerated or premature signs of ageing. There are many treatments available for different people.

•    Treatments like balancing their hormones, nutritional support and aesthetic solutions like Radio frequency, minimally invasive skin lifting with threads are some good options.
•    Procedures like derma-planning or diamond polishing took at regular intervals can help in accelerating the rejuvenation process of the skin giving a fresh healthy look.
•    Hydrafacials are also very popular for thorough cleansing and infusion of anti-aging serums.
•    Sunscreens are the cheapest and easiest part of men’s skincare routines that can be included to slow down the aging process. This also prevents the pigmentary changes occurring due to harmful UV radiations. Taking care of early pigmentations can be done by Q-switch lasers or BBL photo facials.
•    Early/late signs of ageing can be improved or corrected using natural HA-based Derma fillers whose composition is exactly identical to our skin’s composition and are supplemented in areas of visible age-related deficiencies like under eye hollowness, laugh lines, folds/loss of definition in the jawline, forehead lines, droopy face contours etc. These fillers give a very soft, lifted and pleasant improvement within 1-7 days.
•    Men who are reluctant to use skincare products on their face can try using vitamin C serums, which are very light on the face. It can be topped up with a sunscreen for best results.
•    Taking up PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment for hair fall/thinning once in a quarter is a natural booster to maintain your mane healthy and dense. This utilises one’s own blood sample processed in a specialised tube and a device to extract growth factor rich plasma for infusing into the scalp & hair roots.
•    Ozone steam bath (that uses a mixture of 95 % pure oxygen + 5% Ozone) is one treatment that is gaining popularity in western countries. It has phenomenal benefits in a detoxifying body, improving circulation, increasing fat metabolism, balancing hormones, enhancing cellular energy/ overall energy levels of the body (all of which tend to decline with age).
•    Considering aesthetic skin/ hair treatments like Derma planning, fruit peels, Hydrafacial MD for repairing dullness, unevenness or clogged pores owing to environmental damage always works wonders for every skin type.

Alternative Ways

Other men’s grooming tips include trying out something called Functional Medicine. This is a branch of alternative medicine that harmonises the body from inside and treats various body systems as a whole to bring ‘inside out’ anti-ageing results. This is done through a combination of nutritional cocktails and Nutraceuticals. The most popular cocktails are Myer’s cocktails; a mixture of essential Amino acids, Vitamins A, B, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E, Calcium, and Magnesium that has immense benefits for hair fall control, skin clarity, immunity boosting and bowel health. Vitamin C booster works very well to regenerate collagen in the skin and is also an excellent natural antioxidant for skin detox and brightness. These drips can be done once a week for achieving best results. Detoxifying your body of all the accumulated toxins over the years is an important key to slow ageing signs.

Besides all these, the power of a good basic men’s skincare routine with your skin physician’s advice is one thing that cannot be overlooked. Inculcating the basic base minimal skincare regime in the early years of one’s life and visiting the skin care physician for the same cannot be emphasised enough.

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