8 Hairstyles Sported By Shahid Kapoor You Can Take Inspiration From

Whether you want to keep it subtle or want to make a bold statement, we’ve got it all.
best hairstyles shahid kapoor

We trust Shahid Kapoor to make an effortless style statement, be the coolest daddy of Bollywood and have us go ‘awww’ at his sweet Instagram posts with his lady love and baby Misha. He’s also famous for rocking a whole new hairstyle every now and then. Remember his hair transformation for Haider, Udta Punjab and then Padmaavat? The actor dares to take on bold, new hairstyles and sports them with such ease. Which is why if you’re looking for a hair makeover, these 8 best hairstyles of Shahid Kapoor are what you should take inspiration from.  

1. The Modern Undercut 

Undercuts have been around for a while and the best time to rock one is now. They’re work-appropriate and can be styled differently for special occasions. Shahid’s modern undercut strikes the right balance between bold and subtle. For those of you looking for a drastic change in your hairstyle, this subtle version of a slight pompadour paired with an undercut is just right.  



2. The Long Side Parting 

We already told you how the long sweep is having a moment this year. With stars such as Cole Sprouse and Shahid Kapoor giving it their seal of approval, this is the time to indulge in this look. You can always pair this with an undercut to add to the edgy appeal. Depending on the nature of your job and your liking, you can choose the length that best suits your face. Again, don’t worry if you’re not blessed with straight hair. The slight wavy look is the best way to make this style look relaxed and natural.  



3. The Military Crew 

The neatly cropped hairdo is one that a lot of celebrities are giving in to. However, Shahid sported one years back when he was shooting for Rangoon and a shorter version in Haider. This hairstyle is simple, classic and impossible to go wrong with. In fact, if you want to ditch all the hassle that comes with maintaining an edgy hairdo, the simple military look is your calling. Don’t underestimate the simplicity of this one, you’ll definitely make a statement when you walk into a room! 



4. Indulge In A (Not-So) Little Fringe

Yes, we know you’re thinking that a fringe hairstyle was only cool back in the 90s, but you can still rock it. You don’t necessarily have to go for the side swept, gel-infused version of the fringe. Take inspiration from Shahid and go for a more natural look instead. Using a hair dryer, blast your hair dry and use a round brush for a smoother finish. Again, an undercut will add to the trendy vibe of this look. A hairstyle like this one is appropriate if you’re growing your mane for an upcoming holiday. 



5. The Pompadour 

The pompadour has been cool since the time Elvis Presley sported it! This hairstyle might be all about the styling but it’s one that’s always going to be in vogue. With little trendy tweaks every now and then, of course. A trendy one to inspire your hair makeover could be a pompadour that flaunts your highlights. Match this hairdo with a neatly trimmed beard for a sharp look. 



6. Undercut With A Ponytail 

A rendition of the long side parted hairdo, the undercut with a ponytail is a great way to sport a rugged look. It can be slightly tricky to nail this hairstyle since it might not look its best without a stubble or a beard. So, in case you’re opting for a Shahid-inspired version of the ponytail, make sure you grow a stubble to complement it. 



7. The Speedy Spiked Hairdo

Shahid was recently seen flaunting a spiked hairdo and it’s one we’d love to see on him more often tbh! Styled with a full beard (but well-groomed), it’s the kind of hairstyle that’ll definitely make you the best looking man in the room. For men over thirty, this beard and hairstyle combo is a great option for an age-appropriate hair makeover. 



8. The Good Ol’ Wavy Look 

The wavy, long hairdo is one that you’ll be seeing a lot more this year. This look of the past is back and looks cooler than ever. We love how Shahid rocked a wavy hairstyle in Padmaavat with an english moustache and a full beard. However, it’s totally okay to ditch the facial hair in this case. Even Harry Styles has been sporting the long, wavy look for a while now! It’s an easy, stylish hairstyle and if your workplace allows you to experiment with your hair like this, it doesn’t get better.   



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