Best Winter Skincare Products And Tips For Men

Winter is coming!
best skincare products and tips for men for winter

While you may be looking forward to the winters with your trench coats and furry gloves, make sure to also take care of your skin this winter.  People with dry skin dread this weather the most. The skin continues to stay dry even after applying tonnes of petroleum jelly. And don’t even get us started on what happens to those lips during the winters. We wonder how many times Jon Snow used a chapstick before kissing Ygritte, he would have needed tonnes in that icy weather. If you have been looking for ways to make sure the cold doesn’t take a toll on your skin, this one’s for you. MH spoke to Dr Vivek Mehta, Dermatologist, at the Centre for Advanced Dermatology and Laser Estetica, who tells us how to take care of our skin during the harsh winter months.

Don’t Use Similar Products As Women

Dr Mehta warns us that there is a huge difference between the skin types of men and women and so there should be a difference between the men’s skincare routine from their counterparts. He tells us, “Men’s skin is 20% thicker, has more collagen and produces more sebum than women. Men’s skin thins gradually with age. Whereas, women’s skin thins drastically at time of menopause.” He adds, “Men’s grooming products should be different as men have a more oily skin which is continuously subjected to shaving so they suffer more with acne, clogged pores and irritation. Whereas, women skin ages faster and is less hydrated so they need more focus on the usage of regular moisturising and anti-ageing products.”

Taking Care Of Your Skin In Winter




To this Dr Mehta says, “The main issue in winters is dryness of skin. Measures to counteract this dryness is to exfoliate not more than twice a week, use of a gentle cleanser, pre-shave oil and application of a good quality moisturiser post shaving. Ingredients that one should look for in a moisturiser especially for winter are glycerine, hyaluronic acid and ceramides. Men keeping a beard can use good quality beard oil to avoid dryness. Men should not forget to drink lots of water and apply sunscreen SPF 30 or more to protect them from the sun during winter time.”

Some Extra Tips For Men’s Skincare Routine

Dr Mehta also advises men to use proper lubrication during shaving, he says, “Since men’s skin produce more sweat and oil, they should use an exfoliating cleanser twice a day. In addition, men need to be extra careful while shaving as a blunt razor or insufficient lubrication can lead to razor bumps and irritation. Shaving products should also be mild and lubricating. For razor bumps, they can use shaving cream that contains salicylic acid/glycolic acid, exfoliating agents that open up the blocked pores. Aftershave lotion should be applied after shaving followed by moisturiser containing glycolic/salicylic acid. Since men’s skin is oily, moisturisers and anti-ageing products should be light and non-greasy.”

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