The Best Workout To Bust High Blood Pressure

Burst High Blood Pressure With These Workouts

Working out at work isn't enough: even if you have a physically demanding job, it's your off-hours fitness that keeps your blood pressure in check, says a new Chinese research.

In the study, people who exercised between 1 and 3 hours a week had an 11 per cent lower risk of high blood pressure than those who logged less than an hour. But the researchers didn't find a link between active jobs and reduced blood pressure.

Why? Manual labour often requires repetitive motion, which stresses only certain body parts or small muscle groups, and can cause injury. But recreational exercise often works multiple muscle groups, which ramps up your heart rate for the whole-body metabolic boost needed to fight hypertension, according to the study.

So, whether you have a desk job or one that requires physical work, staying active in your time off is the key to reducing your risk!

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