Big Shoes Equal to Big Penis? Not Anymore

Here’s debunking the myth that foot size and penis size go hand-in-hand.
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They might not be ready to admit it but some women do check out a man’s shoe size in the first meeting. That is because of the crazy myth that has been going around the world since who knows when. ‘A man’s shoe size is directly correlated to the size of the package’. However, it’s time to think again as science doesn’t support this claim.

The Myth Is Broken

Researchers at the Department of Urology, St Mary’s Hospital, London conducted a study in 2002 that broke the myth. They measured the penile length of 104 men and their shoes sizes as well. The mean shoe size was UK 9 whereas the average size of the penis was 13 cm, proving that there was no direct correlation between the two. 

Another Win For The Height

Another study done by the researchers in Department of Urology, Dicle University, Turkey in 2012 gave us a twist. This study was done to find the average size of the penis and to investigate if there was any correlation between the penile length and other parameters such as height, weight and body mass index. For the study, 1132 individuals between the age group of 19 - 30 were enrolled. Their heights and weights were measured thoroughly and so were the penis sizes in flaccid, stretched and erect forms. A weak positive correlation was concluded between the penile length and the height and weight of these men. 

Although, Your Fingers Might Be An Indicator 

But wait, even though the penis length cannot be determined by the size of a man’s foot, women can still get an idea about the size of the package by looking at the index finger of men. Another study done in 2002 by the researchers at the Department of Urology, Naval and Veterans Hospital of Athens, Greece with 52 men claimed that there was a significant relationship between the size of the penis and the index finger.

So, you might catch women gazing at your hands now. You’ll know what that means!

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