Blast Fat With This 20 Minute Boxing Workout

You don’t even need to hit the gym for this…
20 min boxing workout

Hard Pressed For Time? This is a 20-minute boxing workout you can do anywhere that will blast that hard to get rid of fat. It can be difficult to find a good fitness-boxing gym that provides you the right training to get in shape and it is always better to workout on your own than wait for your dream gym to open up.

Once you understand the fundamentals of boxing, it is time to start the workout.

The Work:

Here is a fun and intense workout that will leave you drenched in sweat and gasping for breath.

Fun Warm-Up: 4 minutes of jump rope with 5 squats and 5 push-ups every time you miss the skip.  
Once you are done with the warm-up, it’s time to take the intensity up a notch and add some boxing. You can always add a pair of 1kg dumbells to make the workout more challenging.

So, set your timer and let’s get ready to rumble...

Round 1 

1 min: Jab- cross (keep moving around and throw a jab-cross combination, make sure to move around and bring your hands back to the chin after every combo. Throw fast and sharp punches).

30 seconds: Non-stop jab cross (after 1 minute of combination throw non stop speed jab cross punches)

1 min: Jab - jab - cross (building up on the previous combo of jab-cross).

30 seconds: Squats (try to do at least 15 squats in 30 seconds).

Rest for 1 minute:  After 3 minutes of hard work, it’s time for a breather, make sure to have small sips of water.

Round 2

1 min: Jab - cross - hook (time to add some power hooks to our punch combo).

30 seconds: Non-stop jab cross (add some speed to these non-stop punches).

1 min: Jab - jab - cross-  hook (let’s make it a four-punch combo).

30 seconds: Now 30 seconds of push-ups to build that upper body strength (do knee push-ups if you find them difficult).

Rest for 1 minute.

Round 3

1 min: Cross - hook (both these punches are your power punches, so throw them with mean intentions).  

30 seconds: Non-stop hook (throw left and right hook sideways with speed instead of power now, make sure to turn your body side to side).

1 min: Cross - hook - cross (let’s add another punch to the previous combo to make it challenging).

30 seconds: Burpees! We all hate them but we will love the results. Do 30 seconds of this full body movement to push your heart rate further.  

Rest for 1 minute: Take a well-deserved breather before you enter the final round.

Round 4 (Round Of Champions)

1 min: Jab -cross -left uppercut (time to introduce uppercuts).  

30 seconds: Non-stop uppercuts

1 min: Jab - cross-  left uppercut - right uppercut (lets hit this 4 punch combo with mean intentions).

30 seconds: Jumping squats! Max effort jumping squats (drive through your heels and jump as high as possible).

Rest for 1 minute: Phew! You can now have a well-deserved break.  

This workout will help you get the chiseled core and toned arms and legs that you always desired.

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