Buddy Up For A Fantastic Abs Workout

Some things are better together!
Buddy Workout

Feeling tired after work and tempted to ditch the gym? You would probably give this a second thought if you had a gym partner to cancel on. Besides keeping  you motivated to hit the gym, a workout partner, also called a gym buddy, can challenge you with some friendly competition.  And if your goal is to build a strong core and flaunt a pack of abs, then you have all the more reason to find an exercise partner, because there are some abs workouts that could give phenomenal results when done with a fellow fitness enthusiast!
Here we have five such abs exercises put together for you-

 High Five Crunches 

•     Both of you lie on your back with knees bent and feet together, touching your partners feet. 
•    Crunch up, high five your partner and roll down in a slow and controlled manner. Ensure that you fully engage your core when performing this exercise; both while coming up and when going down. 
•    3 sets of 15-15 reps.

buddy workput cunches

Squat And Jump 

You need a resistance band for this exercise.
•    Face your partner and hold onto the ends of the resistance band.
•    Stand far enough to create some tension in the band.
•    Both partners need to lower down into a squat position, in order to jump as high as possible.
•    The jump should be followed by a careful landing, back into  the squat position 
•    Keep going in coordination without losing posture.
•    3 sets with 8-10 reps.

Overhead Pass Abs Workout

•    Stand back-to-back, one partner holds the medicine ball and passes it over their head to the other partner.
•    Both partners squat, and the person with the ball rolls it in between his or her legs for the other to grab it and repeat the cycle.
•    Remember to pull your abs in when you bend down and stretch up.
•    Don't lose posture or get too comfortable.
•    2-3 sets for the start with 10-12 reps.

Gym buddy hi 5

Wheelbarrow Push-ups 

•    One partner gets into the regular push-up position, while the other grabs their feet.
•    The partner doing the push-ups needs to tighten their core in order to do as many rounds as possible. The other partner, i.e. the standing partner, will do a squat for every  downward motion.
•    Focus on your posture and balance when doing the exercise and keep your core tight.
•    3-4 sets each with 12-15 reps. 

High Five Planks

•    Both partners get into a plank position facing each other.
•    Give alternate high fives with your right and left hands while maintaining a strong plank position.
•    This exercise can be performed by holding the plank on your forearms or your hands.
•    Start with 1 min, clapping every 5 seconds. 

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