4 Burpee Workouts That’ll Test Your Fitness Level

Finishing off your daily gym session with a burpee workout will be the ultimate fitness challenge for your body!
Burpee Workout

At first glance, there doesn’t seem much to a burpee workout. All you need to do is drop down from a squat into a pushup and then jump back up again. Sounds fairly simple, right? And yet, when you actually do it and feel every muscle in your body crying out for help, you realise why trainers and athletes all over the world swear by it.

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The Benefits Of Burpees

There isn’t much burpees can’t do. It’s the ultimate full-body exercise that works your quads, glutes, arms, core, chest, back and shoulders with every rep. It packs a serious metabolic punch as well—a study published in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research in 2014 revealed how doing 10 fast-paced reps was just as effective as an all-out 30-second sprint, while enhancing your strength, agility, coordination and balance much more effectively.

Burpees also have the added benefit of being free and portable—no gym membership (or a large open space) needed. It can be done without charge in your own room, in a vacant room at work, an empty classroom, a park or even a deserted parking lot—basically, your personal fitness workout wherever you happen to be at the moment. So, if you’ve been desperately wondering how to burn fat at home, this is the answer.

Burpee Workout

Now that you know just how effective a burpee workout can be, we’re sure you’d like to try one out for yourself. We talked to Mumbai-based body transformation specialist Abdul Qadir and came up with four options that you can do at the end of your workout. You’d go far before you find a more effective fitness workout.

1. Two-Minute Drill

Starting off with a (comparatively) easy one, only because you control the pace—set your stopwatch for two minutes and bust out as many burpees as you can.



2. Descending Burpee Ladder

Start with a set of 10 burpees, rest for one minute and head right back into a set of nine burpees. Keep lowering your rep count by one until you hit zero.

3. Death By Burpees

Not only are you battling fatigue and soreness in this workout, you’re also up against the clock. Start a timer and perform one rep in the first minute, resting for the remainder. Go up to two in the second minute, three in the third and so on until you can’t keep up with the timer any more.

4. 100 Burpee Challenge

The explanation couldn’t be simpler—this workout measures how quickly you can do 100 burpees without compromising on form. The evil genius of this workout is that you can’t really beat it, you can only just decrease your time.

Even if you manage to complete these challenges to your satisfaction, it doesn’t stop there. Try out these burpee variations to amp up your burpee workout even more!

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