Coolest Shoes To Own This Summer And Tips To Style Them!

Your summer footwear checklist is ready!
Shoes to pick this summer

Summers giving you a hard time already? Don’t worry; at least we have you sorted on the comfort footwear bit! The most important thing to focus on when buying shoes for summers is the fabric. It’s best to settle for lighter materials when there is a high probability of sweat running through your feet.  Also, look for shoes that allow for ample ventilation!

So keep your winter boots away, and let's get a lowdown on which shoe styles will keep you looking super trendy this summer. Oh, and we have some tips on how to style them too!

Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are a classic summer footwear option and every man should have at least one pair in his collection. Boat shoes have rubber soles and give you a fun, peppy look. Available in a variety of different colours, boat shoes are one of the easiest shoes to slip into for all kinds of casual occasions.

Styling tip: You could team up your boat shoes with a pair of laidback chinos or shorts. Avoid wearing a polo t-shirt; instead style them with a striped shirt and a coordinated belt. These shoes are ideal for a first date, given their cool and classy appearance.



There are a number of different loafer styles that men can choose from; it all depends on the look you’re going for! The best thing about loafers is that they you can use them for both casual and formal occasions. And you might be surprised to know that both leather and suede loafers work really well for the summer; they’re comfortable and chic!

Styling tip: Loafers can be worn with chinos and a well-fitted blazer or even a formal shirt. Make sure you wear invisible socks with them or the entire look goes for a toss. 



Espadrilles usually have a canvas or cotton upper and a defining sole made of jute rope. This footwear maybe flat or slightly heeled, and usually has closed toes. Although espadrilles typically come in a single block of colour, you might find some patterned or striped pairs too. 

Styling tip: Espadrilles can be styled with a pair of ripped jeans or shorts for a casual coffee date. Since they come in a variety of different colours, you can easily wear them with a white t-shirt or shirt. And don't worry if they get muddy, espadrilles are extremely easy to wash!



Brogues top our must-have summer footwear list! They are super trendy and a true symbol of refined fashion. Brogues were once considered an outdoor shoe and weren’t acceptable as formal footwear. Today, however, this style of footwear has evolved and you can spot them at almost any dressy event. Don’t get us wrong, they are absolutely apt for semi-formal occasions too!

Styling tip: This footwear looks great with formal trousers, tailored pants and chinos. Pick a classic colour of blazer or tweed jacket to make your look even more sophisticated. 


Canvas Shoes

Sneakers, especially white ones, have become the norm for summers (we know they go with almost every look!). However, we would like to shift the spot light from white sneakers to canvas shoes this summer. This footwear can be worn with or without socks, and is available in several different colours. The classic ones include white and dark blue. You could also opt for simple pair of grey or black canvas shoes, which won’t stain as easily and can be paired with white or light blue laces. Canvas shoes are ideal for a walk in the park or for a quick trip to the mall!

Styling tip: This style of footwear works really well with shorts or track pants. In fact, canvas shoes look super trendy with a pair of distressed denims and a well-fitted t-shirt. Don’t forget to add a regular snapback to complete your casual look!



Leather sandals are the ideal comfort footwear for summers. They date back to the ancient times and when paired with the right clothing and accessories, can look both stunning and classy. They are easy to slip on and ready to wear.

Styling tip: Gladiator sandals are perfect for a relaxed Sunday brunch! You can pair them with linen trousers, a khaki colour shirt and glares. 



So let's leave sweaty feet behind and welcome summers with some comfy, fashionable shoes, shall we?

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