Cosmoprof’s Indian Debut Brings Together Beauty Giants Under One Roof

Here’s what Indian men can look forward to.
cosmoprof india launch

Internationally renowned B2B trade fair Cosmoprof touched down in Mumbai this month. Though not as extensive as they are on international terrains, this trial run wasn’t disappointing either for all involved. UBM India and BolognaFiere were the driving force behind bringing together 107 beauty giants from 15 countries under one roof for two days.

Members of the unfair sex needn’t feel disappointed. There’s a sea of brands and products waiting to make their mark in India for both men and women, and a platform like this only facilitates their entry into newer markets like India and other South Asian countries.




What Went On?

The colourful exhibition was a salon-enthusiast’s wet dream. All equipment, suppliers and a multitude of international brands who take the business of beauty seriously were present at this two-day-long beauty extravaganza.

The event saw presentations, in-depth talks, B2B meetings and interactions, live demonstrations and more, especially targeting companies, distributors, buyers, importers and suppliers from India, United Arab Emirates and South East Asia.




Yogesh Mudras, Managing Director, UBM India told MH, “We are entering an era in which the Indian beauty industry is defining its claim in the world market and thriving. A slew of established and upcoming companies are making themselves known as major contenders in the beauty space owing to increase in purchasing power of the Indian economy and the rising interest in beauty-led activities and functions amongst consumers. Cosmoprof India has offered an extremely wide platform to an even broader B2B consumer base.”

Although only a preview, it was extremely comprehensive and catered to different segments of the multi-faceted beauty industry in India and was well-received by all who attended.

What’s In It For Men?

Our take-away from Cosmoprof India was that there’s a mix of local and international interest in the beauty market for men. We interacted with both Indian and international brands that were present at the event and men in general seem to be a huge customer base of the beauty industry.

Home-grown brands like Nyassa, who were also present, have a wide range of bath and body products that cater to both men and women. Ishween Anand, CEO & Founder of Nyassa told MH, “Though we don’t have a dedicated collection for men, our ‘Under the Ocean’ range of bath and body is most preferred by men as it’s dominated by aqua fresh and citrus fragrances.” Even the ‘Middle Eastern’ collection is what draws men to their products. Mountain Musk and Manana Cubana are other favourites among their male clients.




Ronald Jean, Managing Director of American brand Pevonia Botanica gave us the insights into the international market for men’s beauty products. He told us, “In some countries men’s (beauty) products are more prominent, but in general, women are the prime consumers of cosmetic preparations. Although men always want to have good skin, and it’s tremendously important too, they don’t end up buying a lot of products. If you ask, you’d be surprised to know how many men use their wives’ creams. Hotel spas are dominated by men, but their primary service is massage. We’ve created specific creams that target the needs of men’s skincare ranging from gel cleansers, shaving emulsions, after shave, collagen boost care cream for men and eye creams.”

He further told us that men have similar skin problems to women. Right from acne, wrinkles and dehydration or oily skin, they offer specific treatments for their male clientele back home - high-end targeted skincare. Though this is their first showcasing in India, there are Pevonia products for sale in the near future.




What’s next?

Cosmoprof’s signature trade shows are a regular occurrence in Bologna, Las Vegas, and Hong Kong. Having done a trial run here in India, their next stint in India is going to be huge because this time they’ll be better prepared and equipped with knowledge of the consumer base and India’s receptivity of foreign beauty brands. Cosmoprof will make a big-bang entry with a large-scale show with their next edition, scheduled from 12 to 14 June 2019.

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