This Dating School In China Is Helping Men Find Love (How Cool Is That?)

The program has been designed specifically for people who lack the ability to initiate a relationship.
Dating schools for men

To us, conventional dating might sound fun and romantic; however, for Chinese men, it’s quite close to a nightmare. Well, at least for some who particularly lack the ability to express their feelings or simply blame it on the imbalanced gender ratio of men to women in the country (reference: China’s One Child Policy).

According to the data released by the National Bureau of Statistics at the end of 2017, China had 32.66 million more males than females, down from 33.59 million recorded at the end of 2016.

The Background

The dating culture in China is quite different from that in the rest of the world. Given the fact that Chinese are quite serious about their discipline and education, dating is one of the many things that are barely tolerated in their society. While many school students and graduates keep their romance interets aka crushes a secret until they get dating rights from their parents; some of them don’t even get to enjoy this liberty. 




Since interaction with the opposite gender remains so restricted in the growing up years, Chinese men naturally face problems in approaching women in their adulthood. But now the country has finally emerged with a solution to the dating dilemma - the dating school, as it is called.  And here are the details on it.

What’s The Catch?

Apparently, Zhang Mindong, the founder of ‘Fall in Love Emotional Education’ Dating School, started this social service venture to help men, who were fresh out of colleges and had no idea where to begin.

Describing himself as a self-professed ‘loser’ once, Mr. Mindong told New York Times that he suffered from a ‘painful heartbreak’ in 2012. He was in fact, trying to find a solution/strategy for successful dating when he stumbled upon the phrase ‘pick-up artist’ on the Internet.

The Vision

Zhang Mindong started his dating school in the eastern city of Jinan in 2014. The courses range from $45 (for online) to $3,000 (for one-on-one coaching). Over the years, the venture saw a boom and Mr. Mindong also got on board Cui Yihao, 25, and Fan Long, 29, with whom he now runs the school.

From grooming to styling to boosting confidence, the professors at this dating school focus on every aspect of an individual. “After getting into a relationship with a woman, many Chinese men let themselves go. They don’t wash their hair, change their clothes and become really dirty. But that’s not the case for women, and this is why so many Chinese men can’t have a long-term relationship,” The New York Times quoted Mr. Mindong.



The dating school has even come up with programs that help their students with interactions on digital platforms like WeChat, a popular social media tool in China, which is used by nearly one billion people.

Dating designed for the digital era, that’s pretty awesome, right? How about a dating school in India? Share your thoughts on this with us in the comments section below.

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