Delhi’s AI-Controlled Traffic Management System Gets Green Light

Plans for a futuristic new traffic management system in the capital are in the works, and you might be seeing changes sooner than you think...

High-res CCTV cameras on the road, Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems, speed detection radars and lane detection systems — do these sound like gadgets that will adorn the roads of the future? Maybe in some space-age city! Well, these features might be going up on Indian roads soon.

What’s The Plan?

It’s called an Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS), and it’s part of Delhi Police’s proposal to completely transform traffic management in the Indian capital. This ambitious system uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to manage traffic and detect violations and the results from this overhaul could be seen on Delhi roads as early as 2019!

Delhi’s top cops have put together an INR 1,000 crore proposal detailing the three phases of this new system and have received the go-ahead from the Ministry of Home Affairs.

What'll Change?

Expect Delhi roads to be transformed by the presence of 7000-8000 multi-directional infrared cameras, equipped with laser sensors. These cameras will be the cornerstone of the whole ITMS, linking all its aspects together.

They’ll provide traffic volume data to the police, leading to an adaptive traffic management policy. They’ll also be linked with dashboard devices in each vehicle and will automatically issue challans when a driver break traffic rules. Lane management systems and stop-line violation systems will also keep unruly drivers in check.

The cameras will also provide a live feed to AI-powered LED boards on the roads, which will broadcast real-time traffic information to benefit the drivers. They’ll know which roads to take and which ones to avoid, thus optimising the notoriously tiresome drives on Delhi’s busy roads.

Signalised pedestrian crossings and PA systems at every signal will further enhance the new information-based system, helping maintain road safety.

Admittedly, we all have our struggles with Delhi traffic. With this new system in the offing, however, those woes could soon be a thing of the past!


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