The Diet That Made Sachin Tendulkar Win The 2011 World Cup

Here is what Sachin Tendulkar revealed about his diet that made him and Team India win the trophy after 28 years.
The Diet That Made Sachin Tendulkar Win The 2011 World Cup

Sachin Tendulkar, arguably the greatest batsman of all time, turns 45 today. Be it in the Test matches or ODIs or T20s, he always served the nation on those 22 yards. He was only eleven years old when he first held a bat in his hand and from that day to his retirement, the God of Cricket left no stone unturned to make his journey a dream for every Indian.

We know that you know everything about the Master Blaster, but there are plenty of things that you still don’t! One of them being the diet that he followed during the 2011 World Cup! Well, we’ve got that covered, too.

According to IANS, Tendulkar ate boiled eggs for a month before the start of the tournament so that he could stay fit and healthy. Remembering that time, Sachin said, “I had given a big lecture to the Indian team that for the World Cup we have to sacrifice something.” Tendulkar also told IANS about the sacrifices that the entire team made and decided to lose 3 kgs each. But he recalled how his hamstrings got pulled during the South Africa series just ahead of the World Cup. This kept him away from his exercises and he couldn’t lose weight. But post recovery, Sachin lost almost four kgs in just three weeks. Mental control and discipline also played a major role, he added.

It was 2nd Arpil, 2011 when Team India won the World Cup after 28 long years. Fans and detractors alike thought that Tendulkar would retire from the game, but he pushed his limits and played for two more years, eventually retiring in 2013.

He noted, “For every sportsman their body will give them a message that if something is going to be wrong or you are pushing too hard on something.” Towards the end of his career he realised that there is nothing better than training hard and that is the integral part, he concluded. 

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