The Diet Of A Professional Mountaineer

What fuels adventurers during their conquests of the world’s highest peaks and most remote locations? We reveal it all here...
Diet of a mountaineer

You might have seen pictures of exhausted but triumphant mountaineers taken at the summit of the world’s highest mountains, but have you ever really wondered about how much effort went into getting there? Mountaineering requires an unbelievable level of fitness, which is why mountaineers are among the fittest people on the planet.

However, their phenomenal upper as well as lower body strength isn’t all thanks to the gym. What goes on to their plate also makes a huge difference. In an exclusive chat with Men’s Health, professional mountaineer and conqueror of some of the world’s tallest mountains, Satyarup Siddhanta shared his personal nutrition regime. Let us warn you, this diet takes some discipline to emulate.

Pre-Morning Workout

Before his exercise routine in the morning, Satyarup kick-starts his system with some lemon juice in hot water. This is not some fun cocktail that he’s whipped up — no sugar or salt is added to his pre-workout drink.


You can’t scale mountains if you’re not strong enough! After his workout, Satyarup eats a high-protein breakfast. It consists of four egg whites, whey protein, milk and peanut butter.  


Satyarup allows himself a tasty but healthy pre-lunch snack in the form of pineapples before a nutritious meal at lunchtime.


No cheat meals here — lunch consists of healthy mixed vegetables seasoned with pepper, with no salt and no oil used in the preparation.


Satyarup’s beverage of choice, while he’s training for an expedition, is unsweetened black coffee.


Another healthy fruit-based snack before dinner — this time it’s watermelon.


Dinner is another super healthy and protein-rich affair — Satyarup ends the day with grilled chicken or grilled fish.


You don’t get to the top by letting yourself go when you’re not training — Satyarup ensures that he maintains a healthy, balanced diet even during this time. His diet during the off-season includes a mix of green leafy vegetables, fruits and protein-rich food. He also keeps himself well hydrated.

However, he does allow himself the occasional indulgence. To satisfy his sweet tooth, ice creams, chocolates, and other sweets do find their way on to his plate!

Well! We warned you, following his diet isn’t easy! Have you got what it takes?

About Satyarup Siddhanta:-

Satyarup Siddhanta is a Bengaluru-based Bengali mountaineer. On December 15, 2017 he summited Vinson Massif, becoming the first Indian Bengali civilian to complete the seven summits. Favre-Leuba was the time keeper and supporter for his conquest. He became the first from Karnataka and 5th from India (messners list). Satyarup is a certified mountaineer from Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Darjeeling. He is the winner of the first season of Grab Your Dream contest, an online hunt for travel ambassadors, sponsored by travel company Cox and Kings. He is the President and founder of ABETO – "A better tomorrow" foundation, and works as a consultant at Brady Corporation, India.

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