Does An Early Start To The Day Really Give You An Advantage?

Is early to bed and early to rise a wise move, or would you be wasting your precious sleep for no reason?
Waking Up Early

Ever since we were young, our parents have been playing up the virtues of going to bed at a respectable hour and waking up early the next morning. We won’t discuss how many of us actually followed their directives, but society seems to be on their side as well. It’s a popular belief that waking up early is linked to being more successful, helped by the fact that celebrities (like actor Mark Wahlberg and certain high profile CEOs) say they wake up super early just so they can get more work done.

Does being an early bird really make you more productive? Science has its say here.

Pros And Cons

Waking up early does give you one clear advantage over those who’re sleeping in—you have more time to get stuff done. Unlike some of your peers who get ready and head to work in a mad rush, you have the time to get everything organised before you head out. However, professional success might come at the cost of personal health, as several studies have revealed that depriving yourself of some much-needed shut-eye leaves you open to a whole host of diseases as well as affecting your social life.

How It Affects Your Professional Life

If you’ve been reaching work early in an effort to impress your boss, you might be on to something. A 2014 study found that employees who got started on their work early were looked upon more favourably by their supervisors in contrast to late starters. Those who started work later in the day were considered less conscientious by their bosses as well.



The Final Call

While Wahlberg’s 2:30 AM start time is bound to put many people off the idea of waking up early, it’s worth mentioning that he also goes to bed by 7:30 in the evening. This means that while his timings are unconventional, he’s still doing better than most people by logging seven hours of sleep every night! The best way to choose is to let your body make the decision for you—forcing yourself to wake up early when your body isn’t fully rested is probably going to be bad for your health. However, if an early start to the day is unavoidable, research suggests catching up on lost sleep on your days off can help you recharge.

In conclusion, impressing your boss might rank high on your list of priorities but your health should always come first!

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