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Our Thursday nights are usually spent curled up in bed with our dog, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on our current watchlist and thoughts of pending work that we’ve been busy procrastinating since the week began. And didn’t we just recent establish that let’s diss the idea of catching up with friends over dinner and go for a walk instead? Well, if the catching up doubled up as an opportunity to network with the best names in the fitness industry and taste a delicious menu curated just for the purpose, then we head to an event like this on all fours.


Be consious


Fitness On Our Minds

Being surrounded by fitness enthusiasts can either serve as instant motivation and you go enrol yourself in the gym. Or you give up on any aspirations you might have had. For us, thankfully the impact was the former and the evening turned out to be a great amalgamation of fitness inspiration and an opportunity to mingle with those for whom fitness is a lifestyle.

The event was curated by Gautam Kapur, founder of Be Conscious Nutrition, a certified nutraceutical expert and a health and fitness influencer. The platform brought together health and fitness professionals like Sensei Pervez Mistry, India’s first Black Belt Karate Instructor; G Ramachandran, Promoter and Director at Gold’s Gym; Shweta Shetty, Yoga instructor and pop singer; and Holistic wellness and fitness guru, Mickey Mehta. All of them shared their journey and expertise on a healthier approach for a fitter life.




Sharing his excitement, he told MH, “This is the first event we are having, a launch of sorts and we will work towards creating a forum of experts who share a common passion of wellness and strive to reach out to the masses, sharing their expertise with them”. A super-hit, it sure was!

The Be Conscious Movement

Since urban living, as we know it, is plagued with stress and other related problems. Hence, the aim of the event was for fitness retailers, stores, brands, trainers, gym owners, athletes, nutritionists etc. to meet and greet over healthy chat, a healthy meal and have like-minded discussions on healthy living.

Mickey Mehta was very eloquent in his belief of fitness. He said, “Fitness gives you strength, stamina and agility. When you climb the ladder of evolution, you have health. Health is an orchestration of your organic unity. That gives you immunity. Then comes wellness. With health and fitness in place, wellness brings you psychological equilibrium, emotional buoyancy and spiritual awareness. That’s wellness for you. At the pinnacle of consciousness comes well-being, which is a constant endeavour of growth and evolution. Everything from that point translates to vision, creation, productivity and optimism. Be Conscious is all about building such character and personality.”



Guilt-Free Indulgence

While a regular night out at SocialOffline translates into surrendering to your base desires - their yummy burgers, fried chicken and so much more, Gautam Kapur and Chef Glyston, senior chef at Todi Mills Socials ensured the night purely about fitness. Gluttony can wait! The duo curated a special menu with healthy options complemented by the Be Conscious nutritious products. On the menu were - protein burst salad, grilled nutty mushroom and kafeer lime chicken tikka, and more, all tasty and healthy at the same time.

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