Everything You Need To Know About The Levis Smart Jacket

You can only wash the jacket up to 10 times – is it worth the price?
Levis Jacket

Smartphones, smartwatches and now smart jackets, technology is definitely on a roll and is hell bent on making things easier for us. Levi’s launched a jacket called the Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket in partnership with Jacquard by Google in 2017, and yesterday,it made an announcement that users could connect their Uber to their jacket too!

 It’s hard to believe that literally everything is on your sleeve now. But this is exactly what the Levi’s jacket manages to achieve. And now, let's get into the detail of all this technology…

The Levi’s smart jacket is an initiative by Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group (ATAP) called Project Jacquard.  It was announced in the year 2015 that Google will bring the weave touch-sensitive fabric into everyday clothing. The technology is named after a 19th-century punch card-controlled loom. Surprisingly, the group managed to weave threads with copper core into the cloth without making any changes to the textile manufacturing process.

How Does It Work?

The cuff of the left sleeve is designed to take inputs from your wrist and transfer them to your smartphone. The controls include music playback, navigation with Google maps and some other knick-knacks. It uses Bluetooth, jacquard app and small sleeve tag(technological device)to work.  Physical touch automatically connects you to the jacquard app. You may notice a slight, almost negligible difference, in the fabric of the jacket when you touch the sleeve.

Price And Availability

The smart garment will cost you the same as a smart watch or a smartphone – it is priced at approximately INR 23,000. 


The smart jacket doesn’t really offer anything that a smartwatch or any other wearable fitness gadget doesn’t.  Yet, it’s a very new and interesting concept and definitely worth investing in if you’re a fan of new technological inventions. Word of caution - this jacket can only be washed up to ten times and then it becomes pretty much redundant.


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