Fila Launches Heritage AW 2018 collection At New Mumbai Store

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Sneakerheads, we give you reason to rejoice - Fila’s recent store launch in Mumbai is reason to raise a double toast. It’s their first heritage flagship store in Mumbai, and they marked it with the launch of their Autumn-Winter Collection. We visited the store to check out the revival of some of their older designs, the Heritage collection and for some oure, visual delight.




The store

The decent-sized store located in the hub of Mumbai’s heritage colonial architecture is a refreshing change in the space that’s filled to the brim with humans and cars and then again, more humans.

The classic-meets-contemporary vibe in red, white and blue is synonymous with the brand as we know it. Keeping in tune are the muted store interiors that served as the ideal backdrop to showcase the vibrant Fila’s Heritage AW 2018 collection. The shoes on display are Disneyland for a dedicated sneakerhead. From the Heritage AW collection, RV X FILA Motorsport and multiple choices for everyday wear, there’s just too much to choose from. Perfect opportunity to grab a pair and run miles away from the chaos.




The AW collection

Fila’s Heritage AW collection is the perfect balance of the past shaking hands with the present. The resurgence of the 90’s is celebrated by reviving two of their iconic classics – the Disruptor and the Mindblower.

Catering to the young generation, the heritage line wasn’t deprived of colours either. A  newer colour palette exploring unique hues like Dry Grass, Tibetan Red, Atlantic Deep and hint of Neon makes this unique.

It isn’t just the shoes they’ve revived by means of the Heritage collection. Their hero creations - the Setanta Jacket and the BB Polo find home along with a newer collection of apparel as well.




RV X FILA Collaborative Motorsport Collection

Though collaborations aren’t new and unheard of in the world of shoes, this one, even though just a few months old, has been a big seller for the brand. Ever since their collaboration, moto-sport collection has been a huge draw for the youngsters who love their bikes and shoes equally.

The FILAXRannvijay shoes boast of greater ankle support for riding, better cushioning with insoles and heel and a distinguishing outsole. Rannvijay, who himself is a sneakerhead and a passionate biker, collaborated with the brand to present his aesthetic with personal style that goes best with an adventurous lifestyle. The collection is also displayed at the South Mumbai store for biker boys to grab.

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