Five Jackets Every Man Must Have In His Wardrobe To Spice Up The Season

Spending hours rummaging through your wardrobe only to go back to the same saviours each time? Add these jackets to your collection and you will never be pressed for choice again!
jackets that must in the wadrobe

When you’re done dusting the dirt your long un-used overcoat has collected (hoping to wear it at least this time, but will it be that cold this winter, either?) or sun-drying other equally redundant woollen-wear that you’ve hoarded over the years in an attempt to pep up your winter wardrobe, it’s normal to take refuge in the same suit that has been doubling as your work and social wear for weeks, perhaps years, now. Or invariably throw on the good ol’ university sweatshirt and play safe!

Take a deep breath and calm down as you’re not the only one facing this dilemma. Winters can be a bittersweet time for most men when it comes to dressing for occasions. While it is blissful to be able to wear whatever you like without sweating bullets, it also is a challenge to zero in on the appropriate attire! From early morning coffee runs on the way to work to catching up on warm soups and cognac in the evenings, and all occasions in between, there is a perpetual struggle to find something that looks stylish, yet keeps you warm and cozy, day after day! But it’s time you stopped re-hashing our faithful Go-Tos and invested in these four jackets instead. After all, how many times can you show up in a suit? Worse still, where all? And you can’t live in your favourite sweatshirt all season long! For that reason alone, these jackets are just what the style-doctor ordered! They help you break the monotony of sartorial choices that comes with winter, as well as the gloom of blacks, browns and greys that tread along, without looking repetitive or jaded! Trust us, you will never be pressed for options, whether for warmer winter days or when the season puts its frostiest foot forward. You’re welcome!


Channel the inner James Dean, or Daniel Craig or Tom Hardy in you with this timeless piece! While the faux-variants look just as elegant and stylish, they are less breathable and also less flexible, so it’s infinitely better to opt for a piece that boasts real shearling—sheep or lamb skin, with an under-layer of wool and a suede outer layer, the classic! They come in different cuts and colours, and can be worn with just a tee underneath or a layer of woollens, depending on the temperature. And a far cry from its humble origins in the Stone Age (yes, shearling is said to have been first worn some time in 4000BC!), it has undergone as much evolution as perhaps mankind since, to now be an upscale, luxe piece of winter clothing, a must-have in every male wardrobe!




Ruling the roost in streetwear fashion since the term was perhaps coined, bomber jackets are evergreen! Need we say more? Well, actually we will: interestingly said to have been created for the WWI bomber plane pilots (thus the name, we guess!), it’s among the most wearable and fuss-free jackets of our time, oozing both masculinity and trendy. Wear it as an accessory in summer, or as a necessity in winter, it will have all your style and weather needs covered. And the best part is, unlike most jackets, it comes not just in various shades but also in different prints, patterns and fabrics; so you can take your pick from suede, or rexine, even waxed cotton. Also known as utility jackets, they are lightweight and travel-friendly and can be teamed up with most outfits.




Human beings eternal obsession with jackets in leather—whether pure or not---is not waning any time soon! And it’s easy to see why! Few clothes have as much character as leather jackets, and have been immortalised multiple times over by legends both on reel and in real. So if you could only spend on one winter item this year, we’d say run to get a leather jacket, if you already don’t have one (HOW?!). Although worn all year round, these are especially a winter staple, in almost any part of the world. Get one to get your Marlon Brando type biker dude vibe going or be semi-formal hot (with a shirt and tie!) like David Beckham or whatever else you want to be: they come in all kinds to suit all fashion-tribes! And you thought men had limited options to send the temperatures souring in winters?




What can we say about this piece of marvel that has not been already said or written! It will be a fashion-sin of the most unpardonable kind if one were to mention jackets and skip denim! Kanye West will never forgive us! Seeing a resurgence since its 90s days (The 90s Are Making A Comeback This Season... And We’re Loving It!), the denim jackets have resurfaced lately in all their glory, in more designs and fits that you’d think possible! And again, they are timeless: we love this about these kinda jackets! Wear them with anything, and anywhere: dress up or down, add to make the summer heat hotter or the winter cold edgier and, of course, warmer! You know how they say classics are forever? Couldn’t be truer than in the case of denim jackets!

Denim jacket



This is especially for the young-at-heart, to reminisce about the good old uni days, in style! Also known as the letterman jacket, these were made famous by American colleges and their sports teams, first worn apparently by the baseball team of Harvard University way back in ‘65. The jacket has been through numerous tweaks and transformations since, moving away from the boxy garments that they were to be more wearer-flattering. Making the ‘sporty’ look fashionable, they come in leather, silk, nylon, suede and more, and are on their way to taking athleisure wear to a whole new level! But that doesn’t mean you can wear them anywhere, unlike most other jackets in the list! There are a no-no for an office party ‘sporting’ one. Best suited for casual, day outings, and when hanging out with friends.



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