5 Foods You Must Eat To Avoid Memory Loss

And the best time to eat them!
foods to avoid memory loss

At a recent event organised by the Alzheimer’s Society, Delhi Chapter, MH had the opportunity to interact with industry experts and get expert-approved tips specially for you. We already told you about the different signs of Alzheimer’s to watch out for, but for now we'll be focussing more on what you put on your plate. Yes, food goes a long way in determining your brain health. We spoke to Kavita Devgan, Nutritionist and Weight Loss Management Specialist, to tell us about foods that help in avoiding memory loss. Here are 5 foods you must include in your diet - and the right time to eat them.

1. Cinnamon - Right In The Morning

Cinnamon works best in the morning as it wakes the brain up and helps in processing information faster. Adding a pinch of cinnamon in your morning tea is the best way to consume it. The spice is also helpful in improving the body’s blood flow.




2. Eggs - Breakfast

High in protein and probably the most versatile food ever, the health benefits of eggs are no big secret. According to Kavita, eggs contain a compound that is beneficial for the brain as it helps in achieving mental clarity. “In fact, there are studies that show that people who eat eggs for breakfast eat lesser through the day,” says Kavita.  

3. Yogurt - Lunch

Familiar with that afternoon slump? Some yogurt with your lunch will keep that away. Fermented foods such as yogurt contain dopamine - which is lacking in people suffering from mental health issues. So, say hello to a happy gut and a happy brain by simply adding some yogurt to your afternoon meal.




4. Walnuts - Evening Snack

“Walnuts look like the brain and funnily enough, they are good for the brain too,” chuckles Kavita. Come evening and the craving for something sweet or fried starts to stir in our systems, doesn’t it? According to the nutritionist, having 4-5 walnuts in the evening is a great way to prevent diabetes and boost your brain health. Walnuts are also rich in vitamin e.

5. Turmeric - Before Sleeping

Turmeric and milk is an age-old home remedy for various health issues. It’s also known for its sleep-inducing properties. “It’s a golden spice. The best time to have tumeric is at night with warm milk and a little bit of pepper. It helps to heal the body,” says Kavita. The nutritionist says that one must add pepper in order to absorb the properties that turmeric contains!




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