10 Women Confess The One Foreplay Move They Hate

Because you need to work your way up to the act.

Getting intimate with your partner is a great way to nurture your bond. It’s also one of the best ways to express love (not the only one for sure). It’s normal to think you might know a thing or two about what your girl likes. But have you ever thought about the stuff she doesn’t quite like? No, we’re not talking about sex. We’re talking about what comes before that...foreplay. Believe it or not, foreplay is important for women and trust us, they want you to put in the ffort to do it well. Think you haven’t been focussing on foreplay all that much? Well, that’s one thing you have to change for sure. MH asked real women and here’s the one foreplay move they hate. Take note, men.  

1. Nibble The Right Way, Please.

“A little bit of nibbling on the ear is sexy... But don't shove your tongue in there! It's very unsettling and completely throws me off. If you want to show your tongue's flexibility, that's not the way to do it, IYKWIM.” - Divya Sharma, 26.




2. Make Eye Contact!

“I don't like it when men don't make eye contact during foreplay. It just doesn't set the mood right. They should really try doing this, at least whenever possible” - Komal Nathani, 23.  

3. Go Beyond Kissing

“Kissing is a part of foreplay but it’s not everything. I feel like a lot of men don’t understand that. Touch a little, maybe give an oral? If the foreplay is amazing, you won’t even have to go all the way, to be honest.” - Srishti Sabharwal, 23.  




4. Be Passionate

“When men rush foreplay! It's not what women want. We understand the heat of the moment, but sometimes it's nice to take it slow and make it more about passion instead of just the sex.” - Sanchita Dash, 26.

5. Limit The Dirty Talk   

“The one thing I hate the most during foreplay is when men go overboard with dirty talking. I think it’s sexy to say on or two things in bed that’ll turn me on. But if the guy keeps on talking, the entire attention goes to what he’s saying from what he’s doing.” - Shivani Srivastava, 24.

6. Feet Fetishes Are Off Limits

“Some people have a feet fetish. Including feet in the foreplay turns them on. For me, it is a major turn off. Going anywhere near feet during foreplay is one thing I hate.” - Nishtha Grover, 25.




7. Skip The Talk

“Talking too much during foreplay is a major turn off. It’s distracting and makes me a little weird and uncomfortable as well.” - Sonali Bindra, 23.

8. What’s The Hurry?

“I think the biggest mistake a guy can make is to go fast. It might look like a great idea in films, but the reality is a bit different. It's important for both partners to be comfortable with the speed.”- Anjuri Singh, 29.

9. Know What You’re Doing

“I have to admit I don’t quite enjoy using tongue while kissing. Unless both of us know exactly what we are doing. It’s just slobbering over each other and that’s not attractive at all! I would rather just stick to some regular kissing on the couch and then take things forward and avoid the tongue completely!” - Isheeta Sharma, 24.

10. Kissing Means Serious Business

“Sloppy kisses are a foreplay move I absolutely hate, because kisses really set the mood for me. And if someone  makes a lot of noise or is just bad at kissing, that is distracting and definitely puts me off.” - Supriya Sharma, 26.

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