Get That Perfect Rounded Butt Without Lifting Heavy Weights

From traditional squats and lunges to challenging floor exercises, we have your butt-toning regime ready!
Weight lifting

The butt is the largest muscle group in the body and helps you perform activities such as bending, carrying groceries, walking around in the mall, sitting at work, and others. Although there are several different types of workout programs, most of them concentrate primarily on body parts like the abs, chest and biceps; very few actually focus on the glutes.

Bigger, stronger butts can help in better posture, movement and athletic performance while reducing risk of injuries. A well-toned butt is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is also better for your body. Exercises for the butt aren’t just for the ladies; women admire a man with a great ass too!

There are different exercises for toning your butt, including the conventional ones and some challenging (and effective) floor exercises:

•  Sumo Squats

For this exercise, your stance needs to mimic that of a sumo wrestler – legs are wide apart. This is majorly a lower body strength exercise and includes a workout for the butt. It offers heavier resistance as against the traditional squat by emphasizing on the inner thigh muscles (the wide stance emphasizes the muscles of the inner thigh).

•  Lunges

The length of the stride of the leg going forward has to be the longest. Elevated lunges work better than dumbbell squats for a bigger butt. Why? They involve a greater range of motion. You use only one leg, which means there is a better chance of overloading your butt and thigh muscles to make them stronger.

•  Step-Up

Here the idea is to use two steps together to create a higher step. A staircase climber can be used to suit your fitness levels as you can control the speed and resistance variables.
Floor Exercises For A Rounded Butt

•  Hip Thrust

Lying supine on the floor (face towards the ceiling) and bending one knee, lift your body up from the hip. When you go up, the movement causes a hip extension and when you come down, that’s a flexion.

•  Floor Hip Extension

With your body in a cat pose; try to get your leg up towards the ceiling, leading to an extension. This is a very good exercise to make your butt tighter. It’s an isolation exercise that really helps tone the butt. 

•  Elevated Hip Thrust

To improvise, you can do the elevated hip thrust wherein you lie on the back with both legs on the chair. Keep the legs completely extended and lift your butt off the floor as high as possible. 

•  Assisting Exercises Such As Adductors And Abductors

For the standing abductor, do a side leg raise, while lying on the floor. This would be a swing type movement, however, a controlled one. Abductor refers to a movement when the leg is far away from the body whereas adductor is a movement that requires the leg to be closer to the body. 

Your step-by-step guide to a perfectly rounded butt is ready!

About The Author-  Mr Huzefa Lokhandwala , Program Director, TrainMe App

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