Having Intimacy Issues? Here Is How You Can Fix It

Communication is the key
intimacy Issues

Many couples that we see in our practice every day, struggle with intimacy in their married lives. The secret behind couple satisfaction or a happy married life mostly depends on physical intimacy. There are some common destructive behavioural practices, which can lead to a damaged relationship instead of a loving one.

Let us discuss the challenges which can be worked on to have a satisfied and loving relationship.

1. Communicate Well

For any good going relationship to work or to prevent any intimacy issues, communication at the right time, place and mood is required. Yes, you can still get his or her attention but it takes work, justification and presenting your needs at just the right time.

2. Emotional Connection

 One should focus on rebuilding the marital friendship and overcoming anger and displeasure, as those are poisonous to the relationship. Once the couple has done some work on their emotional connection, it is time to begin reintegrating a healthy sexual relationship.

3. No Dominance, Please

 For any successful relationship or in order to establish strong intimacy, one should try to be an equal partner instead of a dominant one. It is great when you are on the same team but as enemies, your partner can be merciless. On top of everything else, your partner might see nothing wrong with his/her behavior and expect that you’ll still love him/her the same way when it’s time for sex. So, beware!!




4. Re-Engineer Your Intimacy

Try to re-engineer your sexual script or the way you are sexually with each other in your relationship (kissing, foreplay, intercourse). Here’s how you can do that:

  • Kissing: Kissing is the key to start. People who struggle with erection dysfunctions or arousal issues should pay special attention to this step as it helps us to get ready for sex. Kissing also helps reduce our anxiety as it relaxes us as we move towards more intimate and sexual touching.
  • Foreplay: This is the next important step in bridging the gap to test each other’s fire aspect. Start giving and receiving the love you need to pleasure yourself and your partner. Oral and manual stimulation represent great options for foreplay. If you don't currently engage in foreplay with your partner, try talking about it outside the bedroom as an idea you would like to explore.
  • Explore something new: The most important part in preventing intimacy issues is to try something new sexually. This is good for you and for your relationship. Some problems stem from sexual boredom and the prescription is a sexual risk. You have to do something that you find tasteful. You can try a new position, different lights such as candlelight or using a sexual aid (toy) or lubricant can be helpful. Even trying to bring each other to orgasm during foreplay instead of during intercourse could be a nice change. Doing something different often connects couples by having them share an intimate and exciting experience.

When you are courageous enough to accept and face these warning signs of diminishing intimacy before they get out of hand, it becomes easier for you and your partner to turn things around. Intimacy is the act of living in the heart of your beloved.

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