Healthy Ways For Men To Gain Weight

Finding it hard to gain weight and muscle mass? These simple tweaks might help you build your body quicker.

There are three basic body types – Endomorphs, Ectomorphs and Mesomorphs. Endomorphs are those who have a soft and round body and can easily gain muscle and fat. These people have fat stored around the butt area, a slower metabolism and find it difficult to lose weight. Most Asians, including Indians, fall in this category. Mesomorphs can get into shape with little workout, have an athletic body, well-defined muscles and gain muscle easily. And ectomorphs are very thin, have lean muscle mass and find it hard to gain weight. The metabolic rate of this group of people is very high and they find it hard to gain weight. A lot of it is also a matter of genetics. Yes, it’s difficult for thin to people to gain weight as much as it is difficult for fat people to lose weight.  

Diet Rules For Ectomorphs

People envy those who fall in the ectomorphs category – they can eat anything and get away with it. You will often find them consuming junk or high calorie foods such as burgers, pizzas, cheese and ghee, and yet they don’t gain weight. However, even for ectomorphs, it is important to continue eating clean i.e. indulge in foods rich in carbohydrates rather than fats such as vegetables, sprouts, pulses, rice(to an extent), and high-fibre foods such as wheat, jawar and bajra . For non-vegetarians, chicken and fish are good sources of protein for the body. Dairy products such as milk, paneer and cheese could also be consumed by ectomorphs.

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The most important rule is to eat smaller portions and at equal intervals of time, preferably within a gap of one to two hours. Don’t make the mistake of eating three big meals but – divide your meals so as to gain energy from the food eaten rather than utilizing the energy stored in the body.

Along with food even workout is crucial. Anaerobic form of workout i.e. requiring the absence of free oxygen is what an Ectomorph must practice. The muscle glycogen reserves are used as a source of energy.  Ectomorphs must indulge in more resistance based workout such as Aerobics- swimming, running etc 

Post-Workout Nutrition Is Critical

When you do an anaerobic workout, every contraction helps you burn a lot of calories. Also, there is microscopic muscle tear (soreness is a symptom), which indicates that the muscles are actually worked out.  Both protein and carbohydrates are exhausted by the muscles during a workout. Hence, it is important to replenish these nutrients immediately post exercising (they are quickly absorbed in that duration too) – eat a banana or any other sweet fruit with your protein shake immediately after a workout so as to maintain the essential reserves in your body. 

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Workout Tips

For ectomorphs, it is a good idea to work out in an anaerobic zone, and do 10-12 reps of every exercise. Also, your body needs at least seven to eight hours of sleep in order to recover from each exercise session. Supplement the workout with smaller meals, taken at regular intervals, and stay well hydrated. This will help you transform into an ecto-meso-morph. 

You don’t necessarily need resistance training to transform yourself – give your body three months and set smaller, realistic goals, rather than one big one.

The Importance Of Water

Another important ingredient for building a good body is water. 70 per cent of muscle is water and therefore it is vital to keep yourself hydrated. Aim to consume at least 300-350 ml of water every hour – this is also known as water therapy. When your body asks for food or water, it is actually a panic situation, so keep yourself fuelled with adequate water intake.

Building the body of your dreams will involve eating clean, staying hydrated and sleeping well. Aim for a lifestyle change rather than indulging in extreme diets or starvation. Opting for easier routes for faster results is definitely a no-no!

About The Author: Huzefa Lokhandwala, at TrainMe, is a program director and has designed Kynamax - globally tried and tested fitness approach that employs the use of resistance bands that are made with a unique rubber compound. He is a celebrity fitness expert who has trained corporate personalities and celebrities like Yash Birla, Aditya Birla, The Ambani family, Rahul Khanna, Aditya Roy Kapoor and many others.

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