Here’s How Aamir Khan And Hrithik Roshan Stay Fit

MH interviews their fitness trainer Satyajit Chourasia and gets you all the dope!
Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan’s Trainer Fitness Secrets

What is common between Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Abhay Deol...besides the fact that they are actors? They have great bodies. We got the man behind their fabulous transformations, Fitness Trainer Satyajit Chourasia to tell us what goes into the making of those washboard abs and killer physiques.

MH Team: Out of all your Bollywood clients, who is the most hardworking and who has had the most impactful transformation?

Satyajit Chourasia: Well, I feel that keeps changing. Aamir (Khan) was so determined in Ghajini. He completely transformed his image from a chocolate boy to someone who has 8 pack abs. He would work out for four hours every day and was taking care of his diet as well. You need the right technique and diet for this kind of transformation. Hrithik was superb while training for Bang Bang. In fact, he is great for every film.

According to you, which of your clients is always ready to work out? And who needs to be constantly motivated?

So, in a month, there are few days when you feel tired and they need to be motivated on those days. Hrithik is the most dedicated. He is always motivated. Working out is a stress buster for him. He calls me at night too to workout. He believes that training is everything. He says that he works out for himself for his well being and health, everything else he does for family. After training, he is a completely different person.




Aamir was also very easy during Ghajini. He asked me how much time you need and how many hours every day before he signed the film? He said he wants a body better than Surya, the actor who played the lead in the original film. He said if I can help him with that, only then he will sign the film. I told him it will take one year and he was done in 14 months. After that, he told me that I will get very popular when everyone sees his transformation. Saif, I feel, needed some motivation.

What are the 4 fitness myths that men must break in order to stay fit?

The first one will be that people feel that it’s best to workout in the morning, well, that is not true, you can workout at any time. Secondly, I hear people say, ‘I don’t have the time to workout, so I can’t be fit’. I have a concept of training 5 minutes every day, that works too. Thirdly, they feel that steroids are needed for the body, that is not true at all. There is no shortcut to fitness. The fourth myth is that they feel supplements are not necessary but I feel that these are superfoods and are required by the body.




What about cheat days? Do these even exist according to you? Do your clients  have one?

They can’t do cheat days one or two months before the shoot. Sometimes, once a week, I allow them to eat everything. Hrithik loves his biryani, Aamir too. I allow them that but after the food, they have to have a cup of hot water or green tea, so that the starch doesn’t deposit in their bodies. They also have one fourth lemon peel. That helps to take care of the starch. But on their cheat day also, they can’t have too much oil or fried. Fried food needs to be avoided on all days.

Men often feel that fitness is only about six pack abs… Do you agree?

Everyone has six pack abs. Nature has given you a structure which you enhance with exercise. Definition of a good body is that the fat percentage should be below 15 per cent. You will be fit with no diabetes and illnesses if your fat percentage is this much. People need to understand that they can eat everything they want. If they have good muscle count in the body, muscle will automatically burn calories. People lose that by starving. Make sure you don’t lose muscle mass. If you don’t have muscle mass, the weight you lose will sag, and then it’s impossible to correct it. Weight training is also important, even if it is just two sets a day. It’s important to send blood to the muscles.

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