Here’s How John Abraham Stays Fit

MH digs deep to know the secret behind that great bod we all love
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John Abraham is a gender-neutral human magnet. Women drool over him, men consider him an idol, whether it’s for his looks or the hot bod, the 45-year-old just too droolworthy for his age. He’s also one of the fittest guys you’ll ever come across. He’s gifted with a great, genetically strong body structure to begin with. MH caught up with him to know what keeps him so fit…

Athletic Build But Tendency To Gain Pounds Fast

His body reacts well to all kinds of workouts, giving his trainer Vinod Channa a comparatively easier canvas for starters. That said, every body presents a different challenge when it comes to training. As far as body types go, John is what Channa described as a Meso-Endo body type, leaning more towards Endomorph type. He explained this to MH in an earlier article, so by that description, this combination body-type is also John’s biggest challenge. His body is naturally athletic and yet there’s a slight tendency to gain weight too.



John’s Love For Strength Training

According to his trainer, he loves strength training and to make him do cardio and flexibility is the bigger challenge. Of course, it’s hard to do things you’re not fond of. He tells us, “I make sure that along with ample strength training, he is also good at flexibility, agility, speed and stamina so that he performs his actions and other shots with ease.”

John, too, vouches for his trainers’ abilities of pushing his boundaries. He tells MH, “Vinod is consistently pushing me to give my best, whether it is for functional training, strength training, TRX or animal flow. I have been his student through all kinds of training sessions. What works best is his instructional capability on form, which I believe is most important for any workout.”



The Regime...

The trainer-trainee duo squeeze in four days of weight training over the course of a week. Mondays are for chest and triceps; Wednesday for back workouts; Thursday are hard dats for John as that includes an extensive cardio and stretching routine; Friday is legs day and  Saturdays are reserved for his shoulders and biceps. As per Channa, “We increase intensity of workout and diet as per the requirement and reaction of the body.”

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