Here’s How KL Rahul Keeps Himself Fit Anytime Anywhere

After all scoring fastest 50 in IPL isn’t a child’s play
KL Rahul

The world is all praise for the 25 years-old right-handed batsman Kannanur Lokesh Rahul, who scored the fastest 50 in 14 in an intriguing match of the Indian Premier League 2018. Besides being a top-notch sportsperson, Rahul is also an avid fitness freak who likes to push the boundaries of the fitness world with his ‘stay fit no excuses’ attitude. While the nation is going gaga over his unparalleled performance in the match against Delhi Daredevils, MH gives you an inside sneak peek into what’s it’s like to fill those shoes and also be good at it.

To Be Or Not To Be The Best?

There's always that doubt of not giving your 100 per cent; but Rahul says that it's just a very small part of his brain that has these doubts. “More than doubting my place in the team, I want to take care of my body. I know that if am 100 per cent fit, both physically and mentally, I'll keep performing. My experience says it's hard to comeback after injury because you have that doubt that you might get injured again. All these doubts play on one’s mind. These are the mental battles I face more than whether I am going to get a zero or a 100.”

Fitness On Fleek – KL Rahul Way

“I believe there are no excuses to be fit mentally and physically. A morning run is better than therapy for your mind and body. My fitness regime has obviously changed over the years and with the injuries I have had in the last couple of years; I am trying newer things, and figuring out what will keep me fitter. Right now, I’m focusing more on doing unilateral strength work. There are power training days and then there are days in the gym when I’m just doing my rehab work on different body parts because I don’t want the small niggles to get worse.


Fighting The Mental Battle

“Getting injured is frustrating and it's definitely not nice to get injured so often during your mid 20s. I have played all the three formats for my country. Now is the time I want to start playing more games. I am doing everything right, in taking care of my fitness and nutrition. I recall how an injury bogged me down in my younger days before the experience of playing in the Red Bull Campus Cricket T20 tourney, which helped me make a comeback to the Ranji Trophy team. Subsequently, I got picked for IPL outfit Royal Challengers Bangalore.

I also have a problem with my back and my hamstring, so I need to go to the gym and make sure that I am constantly working on bone and muscle strength and flexibility. Obviously, I love running and have developed this passion owing to the bits of cardio I do on the treadmill. So it’s a mix of all of that. There are no off days as such for me; I am always doing something either in the gym or in the outdoors.”

Diet Like The Champion

“My diet doesn’t really change, whether I am training or not, it is pretty much standard. I have completely stopped eating chicken and dairy products. I used to have the biggest sweet tooth but in the last 4-5 years, I have tried to stay away from sugar. However, that does not mean I am completely off sugar, I do have my days where I cheat with something sugary, a dessert or an ice-cream when I feel like. My diet is simple; it includes no chicken, no dairy and I have tried to cut down on the wheat and gluten too. Apart from that, I eat everything. There’s nothing I hold myself back from.

KL Rahul is a bona fide Red Bull Athlete and is among the most highly rated opening batsmen in India's next generation. Rahul was a part of India's squad in the 2010 Under-19 World Cup and made his first class debut later that year. He’s playing for Kings XI Punjab Franchise this IPL Season.

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