Here’s How One Could Alleviate Depression With Tattoo Therapy

Yes, you heard it right! Tattoos can actually be therapeutic.

Do things seem to be not going your way? Don’t give up just yet. A tattoo could be the solution to your problems as it can be therapeutic with its ‘healing powers’. According to Vikas Malani, the founder of BodyCanvas Tattoos, “A tattoo is a symbol that can motivate you and say a thousand words by just looking at it! It is a constant reminder of hope, strength, serenity, freedom, perseverance to those who have struggled with depression, disorders, addiction, or self-harm. There are people who continue fighting this and have been successful in leading better lives. Tattoo art form is the magical  way of saying that, "Your story isn't over yet", so stay strong, keep fighting and be proud of whatever you are!"

Looking for some inspiration? Here are some tattoo ideas that have beautiful and uplifting meanings. 

1.Semi-Colon Tattoo- Because your story is not over yet! You have to struggle for what you want and win battles against all the odds. It’s a powerful mark, as a writer uses it when he/she chooses not to end the sentence. It also represents the commitment of life.



2.Lotus Tattoo- It’s a symbol of rebirth and transformation from self-harm. “Since lotus grows in muddy water, people get it inked to represent their rising from struggles and hardships. So, just like lotus, keep blooming and stay beautiful no matter what situation you are in,” says Mr Malani.



3.Serotonin Tattoo- Can’t control your feelings? This one might be perfect for you. It’s a neurotransmitter that plays an important role in mood regulation and controlling feelings. It’s a reminder for you to stay happy and calm always.



4.Swallow Tattoo- If you want a fresh start after a particularly difficult phase, maybe try this one. Vikas Malani adds, “A Swallow tattoo also denotes strength, achievement of success or freedom, winning the life-threatening battle against a disease.”



5.Anchor Tattoo- ‘Always stay strong’ or ‘Never give up’ is what the tattoo signifies. Vikas Malani, who is also a tattoo artist himself, explains, “It is a choice of many strong-headed people who have shown a lot of courage and fought bravely in rough times.”    



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