Here’s How Prateik Babbar Stays Fit

The actor puts in a lot of effort to get that well-chiseled body.
Prateik Babbar

Ask a guy his workout routine and you’ve won his heart, just as you’d tell a 45-year-old woman, she doesn’t look a day older than 30. All the hours put in at the gym are worthwhile. Same goes for Prateik Babbar. Though the past few years haven’t been the most successful ones at the Box Office, the young lad hasn’t given up. He’s back in the acting game, stronger than ever. With recent releases like Baaghi, an Amazon web series and Mahesh Manjrekar film in his kitty, his time to shine is near. One look and neither can you deny the hard work he’s been putting in getting that perfectly drool-worthy body. Mind you, he isn’t an amateur. A gym rat to the tee, Prateik spends a good four-and-a-half hours at the gym - an hour and half for toning and working out the upper body and 3 hours dedicated to legs. No wonder then he’s slowly on his way to becoming a force to reckon with!

Eat, Sleep, Workout, Repeat… And Sometimes Cheat!

His workouts are intense and his trainer Ryan is nothing short of a tough taskmaster. “I hate doing Cardio routines, but I work out almost all year round with sufficient cheat days to balance it all out,” says Babbar. He supplements the heavy muscle conditioning with a balanced diet as well. Of course, diet is the key to a great body but his trainer insists abs are made in the kitchen. He adds “Most of my meals include 250 grams of white meat or eggs and 250 grams of green veggies per meal, but on cheat days I binge on absolutely anything and everything my heart and stomach desire!” Sounds like the healthy way to achieve a healthy body!



Trainer Says…

Ryan is the one responsible for maintaining a balance in the actor’s overall intensity, aesthetic conditioning and muscle conditioning. He tells MH, “Strength (resistance) training is far more superior than cardio. That’s mainly because diets help you lose weight, whereas resistance training changes your body composition. Cardio does help with calorie-loss but it breaks down your existing tissues leaving you soft and skinny fat. Lifting weights builds lean muscle tissue. Weight training burns more calories than cardio.”

The Breakdown...

Babbar’s training schedule includes six days of intense workout, each day concentrating on individual body parts. And Ryan has it all planned out. On Mondays, for example, he focuses on chest, Tuesdays are reserved for arms, Wednesdays for cardio and abs, Thursdays are back days, his shoulders get the best of him on Fridays and the week is wrapped up with focusing on legs and calves on Saturdays. Though there isn’t a specific time for training, given his busy work schedule, Ryan makes sure they squeeze in a workout whenever possible.



Consistency Is Key

Ryan prides himself and Prateik on being consistent and dedicated towards their workouts. The actor’s usual routine consists of all or a combination and variations of chest-flat bench press; tricep pushdowns, dips and other exercises for arms; biceps exercises like Barbell curls, incline dumbbell curls, preacher curls and reverse curls; weighted crunches, hanging leg raises and more for the abs, deadlifts, lateral pulldowns, barbell rows and machine pullovers for the back; military press, side lateral and front raises for his shoulders and squats, hack squats, leg press, lunges and other exercises for the legs.

This Jack Isn’t A Dull Boy

But this isn’t a case of all work and no play! He does get his free days, where, according to Babbar, he “Eats, trains, sleeps and reads. I educate myself by binge-watching films and shows, spending time with my family and dogs and enjoying leisure time with my fiancé.”

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