Here’s How Shivin Narang Stays Fit

The actor has been winning hearts all over with his perfect abs and killer physique!
Shivin Narang fitness routine

Actor Shivin Narang, who has been part of shows such as Ek Veer Ki Ardaas...Veera and Suvreen Guggal – Topper of The Year, has more than grown out of his boy-next-door image. Shivin, who is currently shooting for his show Internet 4G Love, is considered as a style and fitness icon by his fans today. Here is how he went about this transformation!  

MH Team: Fitness is a big part of an actor’s life. Do you agree? Have you ever felt a pressure to be in tip-top shape all the time?

Yes, fitness is important, not only for actors but for everyone. But, as an actor, people look up to you, so being fit is a necessity for us if we want to set a good example. As such, I don’t have any pressure. Once working out becomes part of your lifestyle, it’s no longer a challenge. But yes, if I am required to be a certain body type for a character that I am playing, then there is a pressure to transform.

TV actors follow very hectic schedules. How do you find the time to workout every day?

Yes, shooting schedules are hectic. And once you are shooting for a show, it’s not at all easy to be regular or workout with full energy or enthusiasm every day. I guess it’s different for everyone. But for me, I try to hit the gym at least 3-4 days in a week, even if that means working out late in the night.  

Do you workout on set as well, in your breaks? What are the exercises that you can easily do in your room during this time?

Yes, I sometimes exercise on the set as well. It’s not always possible as we wear makeup and costumes, so we have to take care of that too.
But if there is a break in between, I try to do functional training which includes push-ups, burpees, squats, ab crunches and Surya Namaskar. All these exercises can be done without any equipment and provide a full body training. 

What is the diet plan that you follow?

There is no planned diet chart that I follow but I try to have a balanced diet, which includes carbs, protein, fats and other minerals. I try to eat four small meals a day. That can be roti sabzi, eggs or chicken. I also have salad, a glass of juice and sometimes desserts as well!

What are the basic mistakes that people make when they are working out?

I feel that the biggest mistake people make is when they are lifting weights at the gym. You need to be very careful about the technique. That should not falter otherwise you can injure yourself. I am grateful to my trainer Ajinkya Gajbiye for making sure I do everything right in the gym. 

When it comes to your diet, what is a complete no-no for you?

I set different goals for my body every three months. So, sometimes I focus more on carbs and protein and I am eating everything, even desserts, pizzas, burgers during this time. But if I am trying to be ripped and am focussing on abs then I avoid maida and sweets. 

Apart from working out in the gym, are you into any sport or is there any other kind of fitness regime that you follow?

I have been into sports since my school days. I was the sports captain of my school and college, so playing sports comes naturally to me. I am a national rifle shooter and state-level athlete. Usually, I play sports whenever I get time. Besides this, I also run a lot as I enjoy that the most!

How do you manage to stay fit when you are on a holiday? What about your diet during this time?

When I am on holidays, I don’t follow any diet. I enjoy my time with my family and friends and eat everything. 

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