Here’s What Varun Dhawan Eats In A Day

Aren’t we all curious to know how this young actor keeps so fit? Well, his trainer says it has a lot to do with his diet plan and we have it here for you!
varun dhawan with prashant sawant

They say you are what you eat and rightfully so as diet does have a huge impact on your overall fitness and wellbeing.  As avocados and kale take centre stage, more and more fitness freaks are opting for nutrient-rich diets over a plate full of gluttony.

Haven’t been bitten by the fitness bug yet? Let Prashant Sawant, who has been personally training Varun Dhawan for films like Judwaa 2 and Kalank, give you some inspiration as he reveals the actor’s daily diet!

We already know that the hunk sweats it out regularly at the gym (check his Insta account if you doubt our claim), but did you know what is the exact routine that he follows? Varun’s monster workout regime isn’t for the faint-hearted, so don’t be fooled by his smile because he busts some really intense moves! Meanwhile, here’s how his usual day looks like when it comes to food: 


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Meal 1:  

1 cup oatmeal 40g Protein
1 banana
1 tbs flax oil

Meal 2: 

300 gms chicken breast
1 cup rice
1 cup broccoli OR protein smoothie

Meal 3: 

220 gms chicken
1 cup rice
1 cup broccoli


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Post Training: Glutamine followed by protein shake

Meal 4: 

300 gms chicken breast
300 gms sweet potato
1 cup broccoli Or protein shake with 1 fruit

Meal 5: 

300 gms fish or chicken and half a lettuce with lemon
1 tbs flax oil

While this may seem like a fairly easy diet to follow, Prashant says it’s the cravings that one must steer clear of. “Varun is one of our very dear clients. We treat him like family and therefore let him hog on some pizza from time to time, but when it comes to workouts, he never misses sessions and is ready to give his 100 per cent even in the middle of the night. There are not fixed gym hours for him since he’s busy with shooting. We take it as it comes,” said Prashant. 

Game for it yet? 

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