Here’s Why You Must Cuddle After Sex

Go spoon for a higher sense of satisfaction
Couple Cuddling

As if we needed any  more reasons to prolong that feeling of intimacy, but here’s a science-backed reason to cuddle after sex. A study done in 2014 by the researchers at University of Toronto, Canada gives us a big reason to do so. The paper termed as Post sex affectionate exchanges promote sexual and relationship satisfaction studies the effects of post-coital affection between partners in an intimate relationship. 

Cuddle More For More Satisfaction

Two studies were conducted by the researchers to find positive connections between the duration and the quality of post-sex affection (cuddling and caressing) on the relationship and the partners involved. 
In the first study, a  group of 335 individuals who were part of a romantic relation were questioned about their relationship, sexual satisfaction and the duration of their cuddling after intercourse. And the survey proved that higher the duration of cuddling, better was the satisfaction of each partner resulting in higher relationship satisfaction.

Think Out Of The Box 

In the second study, 101 couples were surveyed. A 3 month follow up was done on a daily basis and their day to day experiences and changes in post sex affection were noted. This study specifically tried to find a correlation between the duration of the cuddling, the quality of the affection and its effect on both the partners sexual and relationship satisfaction individually. This study also showed that both the duration and the quality of affection had a positive impact on both individuals.

Go Cuddle

The results of the first study showed that longer duration of cuddling had a positive impact, providing satisfaction to both partners equally and thus resulting in a more satisfied bond. Whereas, the second study concluded that women were more content with higher quality post-sex cuddling than men.

So feel free to cuddle as much as you want because now you have science to back you!

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