9 Hot Erogenous Zones For Women - Listen Up, Guys!

Focus on these for better sex.
Erogenous Zones For Women

There are several erogenous zones on a woman’s body. Some that are always talked about, other not-so-obvious ones. But one thing holds true for all of them - they work wonders! It’s true that it’s easier for men to climax than it is for women. So, anything that makes the experience better for the woman (or helps her orgasm) is always welcome. We spoke to Delhi-based sexologist, Dr Madhusudan and he suggests that you focus on these 9 erogenous zones to give your partner a damn good time in bed and hopefully, for better sex.

1. Nape Of The Neck

The back of the neck is full of nerve endings, which makes it super sensitive. A slight touch and it’ll drive your woman wild. Stroke your fingers on her neck while kissing or tilt her head and kiss her neck gently. Either way, you know the drill.   




2. Inner Thighs

Move beyond her upper body and explore her legs a little. A woman’s inner thighs are extremely sensitive and your nibbles and licks will work wonders here! If your partner and you are feeling experimental, try working your way up and down the inner thigh with an ice cube. Thank us later.

3. Lips

There’s no such thing as too much kissing. If you know how to keep it hot and steamy, of course. The lips are loaded with nerve endings which makes it one of the most sensitive areas of a woman’s body. Try biting her lip gently while kissing her or touch her lips while you both are at it - it’s sure to get her excited.  

4. Ears

Don’t limit her ears to simply whispering sweet nothings while you both are making love. Stroke, kiss or nibble, as long as you’re doing it right, you can’t go wrong with this. Ears are full of sensory receptors and considered highly erotic as well!




5. Lower Back

Apart from relieving her from stress at the end of a long day, a back massage also has the power to turn her on. Caress her lower back gently as it's smeared with nerve endings and you know what does!

6. Clitoris

This one’s a no-brainer. Women love it when their partner plays a little with the clitoris before going all the way in (if you know what we mean). If stimulated properly, this can really impress your partner. Not only is the thought of some clitoris lovin’ highly erotic, it’s also extremely satisfying for women.

7. Stomach

The fact that the stomach is so close to the clitoris, the thought of going farther down is exciting for a woman. Use your hands to gently caress her stomach as that’ll give you an idea of whether she’s liking it and how far you can go with it. Gauge her reaction and moderate the pressure accordingly. This can work as a great foreplay move before you give her oral.  




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