How To Become A Better Kisser

These simple tips and tricks will make your partner see stars every time you lock lips. Pucker up!

Considering what an important part of the world of love, sex and relationships it is, it seems incredible that kissing is an art no one really gets any proper instruction in. However, we’ve got some great relationship advice for you! A kiss is the first physically intimate act you share with a new partner and a bad kiss can end things before they even start. Even if you’re in a long-term relationship, we’ve got news for you—you’re getting judged on your kisses regardless of whether it’s your first, fifth, fiftieth or five hundredth.

Why is it important to be a good kisser, you ask? It’s simple—a good kiss can lead to many more while a bad one is an instant turn-off. Whether you’re on a first date hoping for more or celebrating a milestone anniversary, never underestimate the importance of a good kiss!

Although what makes a good kiss is subjective, here are a few things you can do to increase the likelihood of it having the desired effect.

In Preparation

1. Check Your Breath

No matter how attractive an individual is, poor hygiene will definitely kill the moment. Can you imagine how awful it would be to be leaning in for a kiss only to feel the full force of bad breath in your face on your final approach? Granted, you never know when a kiss is incoming but a simple way to avoid this happening is to steer clear of stinky foods like garlic before and during a date. Keeping mints handy is another option—pop a couple before you get close (although it’s best to do it when they’re not looking!).

2. Moisturise

It’s fairly simple—no one likes the feel of cracked or dry lips on theirs so invest in a lip balm and use it regularly!  

In The Act

3. Judge The Situation

A kiss can mean a lot of things, from “I know you’re busy working but I want you to know that I love you and support you” to “I missed you all day while you were gone” and even “Leave what you’re doing and come to bed with me right now”. It’s all about sensing the moment and going for the right kiss at the right time. The key is to match her tempo—if she’s kissing with her mouth closed it probably means she’s feeling romantic but not in the mood for more, but if there’s more passion in her kisses she’s ready to play, so you better make sure you are too!



4. Be Creative

While following your partner’s lead is the safe way to go when it comes to kissing, sometimes it can also mean that they want you to take charge. This is where you show your creativity—you don’t want to be too repetitive or machine-like. Move your hands over her body, move your lips over her upper lip, lower lip, ears and neck, or even indulge in a little tongue action.

Don’t go overboard though—a little ingenuity is fine, covering her chin with your mouth or getting too handsy too fast is not. And remember, one kiss in itself doesn’t mean an invitation to something more.



5. Don’t Be Stingy

Remember, kisses don’t cost a thing so you shouldn’t be miserly with them. Surprise her with kisses when she least expects them, sneak quick ones when you’re in public (unless she’s opposed to PDA), and don’t be in a hurry to get hot and heavy when you’re setting the mood in bed together!

The last thing to remember is this—kissing requires two people, so you and your partner need to work together. Regular makeout sessions will get you attuned to each others’ styles and positive feedback will help you learn more about each other. And finally, if you’re not an instant fan of your partner’s kissing technique, don’t let it be a deal breaker. It’ll be more enjoyable (for both of you) if you work on it together!

Picture Credits: Bhansali Productions and Eros International

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