How to Combat Your Smelly Balls Problem

May your smelly crotch be gone for good!
smelly balls

No matter what the season, chances are that your balls probably smell. Nothing to be too embarrassed about; but definitely something to take note of. While some of you might be entirely familiar with the Stinky Balls Syndrome, we reckon others need some enlightenment. 

Imagine being stuck in an overcrowded train on a hot summer afternoon; or sweating it out for hours at the gym. Notice a strange, unpleasant smell creeping up on you? That’s probably your genitalia talking. But don’t stress because we’re here to decode the mystery behind the smelly balls problem..

What Causes Stinky Balls?

There are a number of reasons that might lead to smelly gonads. If you believe that the odour from your balls is primarily related to sweat, think again. Scientifically, bacterial growth is the main cause of this smell, and not your sweat. Sweat is a salty liquid released by the pores that works to keep your skin cool. The sweat emerging out of your hair follicles has sugar and this is consumed by the bacteria to gain energy and produce a bad smell in the form of gas, which makes your balls smell. Get why your balls smell bad now?
Dr. Saurabh A. Shah (MD, DNB), Consultant Dermatologist & Cosmetologist (Bhatia Hospital),  says, “Propionibacteria is the most common cause of vinegar-like odour. Our body harbours millions of residual bacteria. Your sweat mixed with these bacterial residues gives off the odour of acidic sweat that resembles the smell of vinegar.”

Other factors that may lead to smelly balls include:
-    Tight clothes; especially tight underwear. Putting on underwear that is wet or too tight can result in moist testicles and ultimately bad smell. 
-    Improper hygiene; not cleaning the genitals or taking baths irregularly.
-    Hairy pubic area. Hair has the tendency to hold smell for a long time; so to get rid of the smell, you must get rid of your bushes.
-    Wet balls; the perfect home for bacteria and fungus to grow.  
-    Hyperhidrosis; a condition where an individual experiences heavy sweating even in low or normal temperatures. This condition is usually related to low blood sugar levels, an overactive thyroid or some allergies or drugs. 
-     There is a tendency to leak sexual fluids after sexual intercourse or masturbation. These fluids can find their way to the balls and cause bad odour to set in. Clean up sooner and the smell can be avoided.
-    Stress, anxiety and fear may also cause excess sweating. More sweat = more bacteria

How to Combat Smelly Balls?

The easiest way to combat bad odour is to stay clean. Yup, it’s as easy as it sounds. According to Dr. Shah, “The more you keep your body clean, the less chance of bacteria making a home in your body. So bathe daily, especially if your work involves physical activity and sweating.”

Shave your Pubic Area

Shave off the hair in the pubic area to keep it neat. And if the idea of shaving doesn’t sit well with you, at least trim the hair to minimize odour. 

Scrub While Taking a Bath

Scrub well with a good soap (unscented bar soaps are recommended) to remove all the dead skin from your balls; also a reason for smelly balls.

Dry Well after Bathing

Dry yourself completely before wearing clean clothes. Wet balls can start smelling in no time.

Wear Clean (not too tight) Underwear

Wear boxers or cotton underwear that will let your genital area breathe. Tight clothes are the primary cause of sweat and lead to unpleasant genital odour.

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