How To Compliment A Woman Without Sounding Creepy

Your well-intentioned ‘compliment’ might actually be a backhanded comment

Complimenting a woman can be tough - not so tough that you need to either abandon the practice of resort to catcalling though. There is a middle-ground, a way to compliment women that makes them feel admired and recognised. It’s fairly simple and with these 5 basic tips we’ve got for you, you’ll become perfect at it. Let’s jump right in!

1. Don’t Talk About Her Body

Talking about a woman’s body is off-limits. And it’s not just men who need to understand this, but many women too. Telling a woman she looks great since she lost all that weight or how she looks beautiful with makeup is not considered paying her a compliment. You don’t know her story, you don’t know the reason she lost weight or why she started using makeup. Leave her body alone (with the exception of complimenting her eyes or her smile), it’s none of your business and it won’t get you anywhere.

2. Make The Compliment About Her, Not You

This tip is all about phrasing so pay close attention. A compliment is, essentially, an opinion. But you don’t necessarily need to put it across as one. While in your head you can say, “I love your t-shirt” while speaking switch to, “Your t-shirt is awesome.” The former says more about your taste and latter about hers. It’ll be better received and, in all honesty, it feels like a higher compliment.

3. Go Beyond Looks

Most women are used to getting compliments about their looks. Pretty, beautiful, gorgeous - she’s probably heard it all before. So when you want to really appreciate a woman, look for a compliment that goes beyond her looks. Talk about her work ethic, her passion, her intelligence, her humour, her independence, her kindness… There are so many things about her that make her beautiful than just her physical beauty. Compliment her on those.

4. Find A New Compliment, Unique To Her

Bring out the big guns. To pay her a unique compliment, you need to get to know her. This can’t be something you say to someone you’ve met for the first time. This is for someone you’ve spent time with, spoken to, and someone you know well. The best compliment you can pay her is one she’s never heard before, and maybe never even thought of. It’s a compliment that makes her see herself from your eyes.

We can’t give you examples here - you’ll just know it when you know it.

5. Be Sincere

You can easily find a list of “compliments to sweep her off her feet” online. But they won’t mean anything to her if they don’t come from the heart. There is this misconception about women that makes men feel obligated to compliment them. Well, here’s the truth - you’re not obligated to anything but treat women with respect. The rest is up to you. If you genuinely find something about her that you need to compliment her on - go right ahead. But don’t list of point 5 to 19 of an online listicle just to make her like you.

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