How To Effortlessly Pull Off An Air Tie

This could be your next style statement.
air tie

A suit is every man’s prescription to look suave and elegant. Having a suit in your closet can add an unmistakable versatility to your style. It can lend you both- a stylishly debonair look and the effortlessly fashionable look- depending on the way you wear it. While the classic lounge suit and tie combo never gets too old, stylish people are adapting trendy alternative ways to don a suit. The Air Tie is one such trend and it is taking the fashion industry by storm as it is being pioneered by A-list Hollywood stars such as Ryan Gosling, Timothee Chalamet and most recently Daniel Radcliffe.

What is an Air Tie?

An Air Tie is simply the act of removing your tie. That’s it you ask? No. It is not as simple as you presume. It has layers to it and there are things to remember. Here are two things you must take care of before you step out in an Air Tie.

1. Attention To  Detail


air tie


While opting for an Air-Tie, don’t forget to choose a meticulous suit. Go either for a noted colour choice - forest green, seventies chocolate brown and so on- or motifs like florals and geometrics. Remember, the flourish of restrained detail goes a long way.

2. Button-Up

The most important thing to remember while donning an Air Tie is to wear a shirt that fits. Full buttoning, with a collar die or detailed motifs if you’ve gone for block monochrome. This helps you to compensate for the sharpness of a tie. Say a big ‘NO’ to oxford shirts. A fully buttoned-up buttoned-down collar will lend you the charm of a hollywood A-lister.

The classic lounge suit and tie combo isn’t ever going out of fashion. It’s a classic for a reason. While you embrace the perennial style it is important you stay updated with the latest fashion trends as well. Master the art of wearing an Air Tie and add glory to your besuited makeover in these two simple steps

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