How To Kiss A Girl For The First Time

And make it memorable - in the good way.
How To Kiss A Girl For The First Time

Kissing is an art. There are many different techniques and skill levels. But unlike art, there is no guide book for beginners. So how to kiss a girl for the first time? If you don’t have all that much experience in the area, don’t worry. There are some basics that can make sure your first kiss with her is spectacular and leaves her wanting more. We spoke to Dr Madhusudan, Sexologist, Sr. Consultant at Delhi Clinic And Arogya Clinic and came us with these genius tips just for you.  

1. Woo Her First




If you really like this girl, you have to play your cards right. You have to show your interest in who she is, as a person before you make a move. You don’t want her to think you’re only in it to get into her pants - let the chemistry between you build, get to know each other first. Wooing her can make the kiss a lot better than jumping the gun on this.

2. Consent Is Essential

Cannot emphasise this enough. You have to know that she really does want you to kiss her. If there is any doubt in your mind, don’t go through with it. Either let her initiate it or just use your words and tell her that you want to kiss her. If you think it’ll kill the moment, trust us, it’s worse to kiss someone who doesn’t want to be kissed. Alternatively, you can try this - lean in about 95 per cent of the way and wait for her to cross the leftover 5 per cent. If she doesn’t, back off.

3. Build Up To It

Don’t spring it on her out of the blue. Surprise kisses are for later, when you’re more comfortable with each other. Let there be moves that precede the kiss, like holding her hand, grazing her arm, lingering hugs and intimate whispers. All of these go to making the eventual kiss that much more exciting and romantic.

4. Don’t Be Nervous




It’s natural to be be nervous actually. Breath through that. Calm your mind. The more nervous you are, the more chances you’ll fumble. Relax, remind yourself that there is no hurry. To give yourself a confidence boost, brush your teeth and pop a mint beforehand. Hygiene can make or break the deal, so knowing you’ve checked that box will put you more at ease.

5. Make It Special

Yes, if a kiss is shared with the right person, it automatically becomes special. But there is no harm in giving your chances an extra boost. Make sure you pick a good location, where you won’t be disturbed. Confessing your feeling could also help in making the kiss the most memorable one she has.

6. Have A Plan For Your Hands

Don’t think you’ll ‘go with the flow’ or ‘figure that out when it comes to it’. Your brain might be a bit sidetracked in the moment to come up with a plan of action. Decide beforehand, here are some classics - either you go with both hands at the waist (and no lower than that), cupping her face (gently) or a combination of one hand at the lower back (not her butt) and the other in her hair.  

7. Hold Back

You don’t want to try every little trick in the first go. It’s alright to keep it simple and short. The longer it is, the more chances of it getting ruined too. Be the first one to pull back but don’t make it seem like it’s over. Kiss the corner of her mouth, run your fingers through her hair and look into her eyes and smile. She’ll definitely be wanting more of you after that.

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