How Krav Maga Can Boost Your Mental Health

Master Krav Maga trainer, Vikram Kapoor, reveals the benefits of this self-defense and fitness format

It’s a well-known fact that martial arts can strengthen your mind and body, but there are some specific benefits offered by Krav Maga that not many people are aware of. This unique method of training focuses on the balance between physical and mental well-being and teaches you life-saving, self-defense techniques. The intuitive and practical format of the training makes it suitable for individuals of all ages, sizes and shapes. 

“I believe that Krav Maga is an excellent way to improve your health from the inside out,” says Vikram Kapoor, Head Instructor IUKMF Shatrunashak Krav Maga, Saket, New Delhi. Kapoor is known for training veteran Bollywood actress, Rani Mukherjee, for the movie Mardaani.

He explains, “Krav Maga uses short bursts of high-intensity moves to increase stamina and agility. Each training session is a tough workout that will push your body and encourage you to fight for yourself. What’s more, the complex combination of kicks, punches, and knee strikes will burn calories and help you lose weight. And if that wasn’t enough, the martial art form also helps one to increase reaction time, reduce stress levels and improved decision making.”

Krav Maga


Practice Is The Key

“The more you practice, the faster you can expect to build muscle tone and increase flexibility,” informs Kapoor. Training in Krav Maga not only establishes techniques you need to fight effectively, but it also conditions your body to move more efficiently.

Aside from the physical benefits, Krav Maga can enhance your mental health. Kapoor says, “Like most other martial arts, this dynamic self-defense system also steels your self-discipline.” Increased accountability helps participants control their impulses and focus their mind on the goals ahead. This ability translates to real-world situations like preventing arguments at home or concentrating on projects for work or school.

Effective For Stress Reduction

Regular Krav Maga sessions can also reduce stress, and improve self-esteem and anxiety. “When you work on improving your physical self and channel negative thoughts into positive action, your cognitive patterns follow suit,” informs Kapoor. Plus, by mastering self-defense training, you’ll learn how to clear your mind and tackle tasks one at a time, reducing any uncertainty about the future.

At IUKMF Krav Maga - Shatrunashak, Kapoor and his team have trained not just special forces (NSG, Paramilitary, CISF etc.), but also numerous celebrities and civilians, including women and kids.  “Practitioners of Krav Maga learn holistic self defense, involving the mind, body and spirit and are ready to deal with day-to-day problems in a more efficient way,” ends Kapoor.

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