4 Ways To Maintain Your Gut's pH Balance

Skip that antacid and give your gut the love it deserves.
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Speak to any health expert and they’ll tell you that maintaining your gut’s pH balance is extremely important. Are you thinking it’s bizzare to think about the gut’s pH levels? Then you should know that acid reflux, gastric reflux and acne are a few things that happen when you have an acidic gut. Sure, you can pop an antacid when you experience acidity. But you rather maintain overall fitness instead of popping pills for every illness in the long run.

So, What Is The Normal pH Level Of The Gut?

The pH scale goes from 1-14. The gut’s ideal pH level is 7 - 7.45, which is slightly alkaline. A pH less than 7 is considered too acidic. If you want, you can check your pH level with your saliva by using a litmus paper first thing in the morning. Maintaining the gut’s pH level goes along way in healing your mind and body.




If your body’s not getting enough alkaline minerals through food, your digestive system can go absolutely haywire. The lack of alkaline minerals will exhaust your pancreas and ultimately lead to a degenerative spiral where the organs become inflamed. However, through the right nutrition habits you can get your gut’s acidic level back on track which will ultimately help you regain your body’s vitality.

In The Ultimate Grandmother Hacks: 50 Kickass Traditional Habits For A Fitter You by Kavita Devgan, the nutritionist rightly points out the importance of maintaining gut health. She takes it back in time to the little nuksas our grandparents would follow and explains the science behind each one of them. “We are lucky that now the importance of eating an alkaline diet is out there for everyone to see. Enough documents, enough research supports it. And this understanding has possibly come by because the ill effects of eating a primarily acidic (highly processed and packaged foods) diet had become way too obvious and not possible to ignore any more,“ says Devgan.   

4 Things You Can Easily Do To Maintain A Healthy pH Level

1. Have Lemon Water First Thing In The Morning

Remember how our grandparents or even our parents have it? There’s a science behind it. “Lemons are alkalising to the body; they help neutralise toxins, excrete wastes and jump start the entire digestive process,” says Devgan.




2. Reduce Acidic Food Intake

A surefire way to neutralise the pH levels of your gut is by reducing the intake of acidic food. “Go easy on canned and junk foods, aerated drinks, too much caffeine and alcohol,” says Devgan.

3. Eat An Alkaline Diet

Once you’ve reduced the acidic intake, take your alkaline levels up a little by adding foods such as green (vegetable) juices, lots of fresh, seasonal vegetables and fruits in your diet.




4. Have Lots Of Water

Add that to the various other health benefits of water. According to Kavita, water aids digestion and helps in maintaining a healthy gut.

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