9 Ways To Include Activated Charcoal In Your Grooming Routine

You’ll be surprised by the benefits.
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Charcoal is one thing that should be included in one’s grooming routine. Charcoal is beneficial for skin as it draws out all the toxins, bacteria, dirt, excess oil and other small particles from the the skin which can make your skin oily or make you look aged. Activated charcoal is good for people who have oily skin as it removes the oil from the skin and makes it clear by reducing acne. Activated charcoal is safe and effective as long as the user is using it correctly. It consists of wood, coal, peat, coconut shell, petroleum, and bone char.

People who have oily skin, also have blackheads. So, in order to get rid of blackheads and keep skin clean and clear, one should opt for activated charcoal since it simultaneously removes blackheads and keeps the skin clear and fresh. It also helps in trapping chemical and prevents their absorption by the skin.

We should try using activated charcoal in our daily routine. Starting from your soaps, toothpaste, face mask, face wash etc. everything today contains activated charcoal which is good for one’s skin.

1. Charcoal Soap

Body acne can be reduced by regular use of a charcoal soap which helps reduce oiliness.




2. Charcoal Facial Sponge

Exfoliate your skin with this facial sponge by just soaking it in water and using it on your face by gently massaging it all over your face, with or without your cleanser. This will help you get a clearer and more vibrant complexion.

3. Charcoal Body Clay

Charcoal clay soaks up toxins and reveals softer, younger-looking skin. It will give you a flawless glow.




4. Charcoal Pore Strips

Blackhead strips earlier didn’t have charcoal. But today, activated charcoal-infused strips are available. These help you pull out blackheads and reduce oil on the skin as well.

5. Wipe Off Charcoal Tissues

Tired of struggling to remove makeup from your face? Just wipe out all the dirt and makeup with these charcoal-infused wet wipes and get a clear glowing skin.




6. Charcoal Activated Cleanser

This is a daily cleanser that purifies and exfoliate your skin. One can also use this as a gentle shaving cream or even as a body wash.

7. Charcoal Shampoo

Activated charcoal is just not limited to the skin but also helps the hair by neutralising the acid and absorbing the impurities from the hair. It also hydrates the hair as it has essential oils in it.




8. Charcoal Face Mask

Don’t want to use chemicals on your face, use a charcoal-activated face mask. This is free of parabens and sulfate and will give you a clear, glowing skin, which will be free of impurities that are lurking deep within your pores.

9. Charcoal Face Wash/Scrub

Face wash infused with charcoal removes the excess oil from the skin which makes the skin oil-free and reduces the acne. This charcoal face wash can be used twice a day to keep skin oil-free and glowing. Whereas, the scrub exfoliates the blackheads/whiteheads from the skin and can be used twice a week, followed by a face mask.




Make sure to include these products in your grooming routine and see the results!

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