Instagram’s IGTV App Could Be a Game Changer For Videos

What started as an app to filter images might soon be the future of video.
Instagram IGTV

Instagram has evolved far beyond its initial purpose of sharing pictures by adding filters. With the launch of its new app, IGTV, Instagram could give head-on competition to YouTube. As opposed to Instagram’s current one-minute limit, IGTV will allow users to upload videos up to an hour long. IGTV will spotlight popular videos from Instagram celebrities. This will prove to be especially beneficial for influencers who use Instagram as one of their primary platforms. 

IGTV will be accessible from a button inside the Instagram home screen and as a standalone app as well. As more and more people are now drifting away from the idiot box and choosing their smartphone to stream videos, Instagram’s IGTV is a perfect fit for the years to come. Even though YouTube might continue to offer a wider breadth of content, Instagram’s new feature could make it a great place to stream user-generated content on a small screen. 

The update allows users to swipe through longer-form videos or swipe up to browse through videos of celebrities they follow and even continue watching videos they previously started. IGTV will also notify its users of new content and allow the creators to make their personalised channels where they can upload all their videos which obviously, people can subscribe to. IGTV also gives users the option to post links in their videos to drive traffic elsewhere. 

Instagram currently has a community of 1 billion people, which makes the possibilities of great videos unimaginable. The feature will soon be available to all of its users on both IOS and Android.  

Snapchat, the original platform to share user’s videos soon lost its charm after Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012. This undoubtedly is a big leap for Instagram in the videos sphere, but we wonder how this would impact YouTube.      

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