Keeping Your Gym Wardrobe Updated Can Boost Your Workout

Let your fashion choices set you up for success every time you set foot in the gym!
Gym Gear

You suit up for that important meeting and dress to impress on that hot date because it boosts your confidence, so why not apply the same principle at the gym? Your old, faded t-shirts and baggy sweatpants might rank high on comfort levels but several studies suggest that if you want to take your fitness workout to the next level, you need to look the part.

How Clothes Can Help

It’s no secret that a well-thought out and executed workout regime supplemented by a healthy balanced diet holds the key to achieving the physique of your dreams. However, dressing in stylish workout gear can provide another boost, motivating you to push for one extra rep, one more set or one more minute on the treadmill.

Don’t believe us? A study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology details how clothes can affect our psychological processes, going on to explain how only the right kind of clothes will have the desired effect. Simply put, showing up at the gym in raggedy old clothes or still dressed in your office attire simply won’t have the same effect as working out in stylish gym gear would.



Admit it, we all spend a substantial part of our time at the gym checking ourselves out in the mirror. Why not give yourself something nice to look at by investing in some great shoes, t-shirts, shorts or even compression gear?

What Should You Be Going For?

What your gym clothes look like is based largely on your personal style but science has revealed one colour that seems to be the winners’ choice. Any guesses? A 2013 study revealed that dressing in red significantly affects the wearer’s body functions, even providing a noticeable strength boost before any physical exertion. Add that to the fact that the colour red makes you more attractive to the ladies as well and we’re sure there’ll be a few red items on your list the next time you go shopping for clothes!

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