In Love With Your Best Friend? Here's Something To Think About

MH Spoke to Dr Abha Singh to find an answer for you.
In Love With Friend

Opposite-sex friends are the best, aren’t they? They help you understand women better, give you awesome advice (most of the time) and set you up with their cool friends. But what happens when love starts to blossoms in between all the fun? Is it a good decision to convert your friendship into a romantic relationship or do you need to just keep the feelings inside and get over it? MH brings the answers to you with the help of Dr Abha Singh, Marriage Counsellor.

Dr Singh calls us an ‘instant generation’. She explains, “We want relationships where we don't have to invest a lot of time. Therefore, nowadays we prefer getting into a relationship with our best friends. We feel a comfort in the fact that we already know the person inside out.”

But The Problem Begins...

…When the two best friends get into a relationship without thinking about it before. As the dynamics change, complications arrive; relationships are an altogether different ball game. To this Dr Singh says, “Romantic relationships are very different from friendships. The expectations from each other changes, judgement towards each other becomes different and you start becoming possessive about each other, which is the main problem.” The feelings that were alien in a friendship become a big part of the relationship.

If You Are Best Friends, Doesn’t Mean You Will Also Be The Best Couple

In Love With Friend


One of the major concern that friends have before beginning a non-platonic relation is that if the relationship doesn't work out, the friendship would also pay the price. Dr Singh adds, “There is a high chance of this situation coming to life but it totally depends upon the maturity of the people in the commitment. There is a possibility where things don't work out between two people as they had imagined - they can move on and continue as friends. It totally depends upon the people and their way of thinking.”

So Should We Or Should We Not?

Dr Sinha tells us, “There is no specific yes or a no to the question. It depends upon individuals and their perception.” She adds, “Making a list before coming to a decision would do more harm than any good as it would lead you to miss out on opportunities. My advice is to not be so quick in making such decisions, instead explore yourselves and the relation. Being hasty won’t do any good, as all relationships can be worked out provided time is invested in them.”
So, are you ready to follow your heart and confess your feelings? 

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